NewsWhat Is Not Chastanet’s Damn Business?

St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 1, 202229893 min

At Tuesday’s 1st February House Sitting, followers of the proceedings saw the usually composed and respectful Member of Parliament for Castries-North, Hon Stephenson King, snap at his former political leader, Allen Chastanet. House sittings, especially when the debate is heated, are known for frequent heckling, which are not always picked up by the broadcast of the sittings. Whatever Chastanet had said was not heard, but the response of King was clear: “it’s not your damn business”. King was at the time on the floor of the House when he responded to some heckling from Chastanet. He was quick to realize his loss of composure and the hostility of his language to inform the House Speaker that he had withdrawn the comment.

He, nevertheless, went out to draw Chastanet’s attention to the plans within the UWP party to “take him out” as leader. King, a member of the UWP for over 35 years, had established enough friendships and confidants within the UWP to know what may be secretly taking place within his old party.

However, the three Opposition Senators, who owe their appointments to Allen Chastanet, the UWP political leader, came to their leader’s defense. Senator Dominic Fedee, not known as a supporter of Allen Chastanet from the very beginning, responding to the “take out” claim said, “that’s ridiculous, it is a ridiculous assertion that can come from someone who is no longer within the United Workers Party.” Senator Herod Stanislaus, in less dramatic style, said “these are just rumours.” Senator Phera Polius joined the defense of Allen Chastanet but with a little more caution saying,” I believe in him and believe he has what it takes to lead the party” but that she was “not involved in the plot.”

The question remains: what did Allen Chastanet say that so riled up Hon Stephenson King? While Chastanet may have asked a rhetorical question of King, the question may need an answer: When is King officially going to join the Saint Lucia Labour Party? Or is he not?

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