“What does he know that the rest of us don’t?”- Chastanet on IMPACS

“What does he know that the rest of us don’t?”- Chastanet on IMPACS
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet

The Kenny Anthony administration has been urged by the United States (U.S) government to act on the almost one year old IMPACS report in relation to the alleged extra judicial killing of 12 citizens.

Political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet has said that he finds it to be a ‘very sad’ situation, where the U.S. has to go publicly with the things they’ve been saying for the longest time.

“I only hope that the government is going to adhere to the request and resolve this matter. In fact they’ve put us in this mess in the first place; they have mishandled the IMPACS report from the get go,” he told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview on Tuesday in front of Parliament.

Chastanet said many persons believe the prime minister has already prejudice the case, when he made certain pronouncements from the report and added to that, the DPP claims that certain resources were not provided to her, specifically evidence which were supposed to accompany the report.

He said, “The most damaging part is when the Jamaican police came here, they ought to have been working with the DPP office and not as an ad hoc committee of the cabinet.”

The UWP leader told SNO that when all of these facts are taken into consideration, persons can only conclude that the prime minister is allegedly trying to sabotage this case.

“What does he know that the rest of us don’t, and why is he doing what he is doing? And is he aware of the consequences of it to St. Lucians?” Chastanet questioned.

Asked if he has any confidence that the government will take the advice from the U.S government to act on the report, Chastanet responded in the negative stating past examples can prove this.

“We are waiting 15 years for Grynbery and if it wasn’t for a report we would never have known about the Rocohmel matter” the political leader explained.

Chastanet accused the government of “always covering up things” and said “they do not like to speak the truth.”

He said he doesn’t expect any changes now, but can only hope that they will respond one day, if the UWP and other organisations and groups continue to apply pressure.


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  1. Yeah have you forgotten how all Saint Lucians were begging for a solution to the crime problem. Operation restore confidence sure silienced many of the top criminals in Saint Lucia who appeared to have their own hit list. Kenny is the one who invited the Jamaicans and he is the one who is still witholding information from the relevant authorities and even from the public.


  2. I think they should really legalize Marijuana so the eyes of those blind party hacks can finally see the light of day.......lol!!!


  3. It doesn't amaze me that Chastanet is screeching like he always does. The press release is an indictment on his party of the seriousness of the allegations in the impacs report. I believe that Saint Lucians are allowing themselves to be fooled by the UWP. They are scratching their heads, wondering what is in the evidence and why it has not been released. The scratching has to do with the biting need to know whether their names are in any way included in the report. Kenny is being tactful in his release of the evidence I assume. So let Mayers, Chastanet (big and small), Guy et al continue their rants. I am craving the evidence because then and only then will this foolish opposition party who cause the initiation of the impacs be silenced. I admire our police force, but the killings were carried out in a manner that warranted questions be asked. I do not condone crime of any kind, but officers are taught to subdue not shoot to kill. They are to defend themselves in the event of being fired upon, most of the killings did not have officers being fired upon. It was simply shooting to kill during a spate of high crime.

    The questions remain, "who gave the orders to kill?" "Could something else have been done to reduce crime other than initiate a kill squad hoping for crime to be deterred?" Was crime stopped after the commencement of "shoot to kill"?

    So again I say Saint Lucia, do not allow the members of the same party who caused the report to have to be done take away from the seriousness of the revelations. What the party in power at the time fail to realize was that America has been watching from day 1. I await the naysayers and decenters with baited breath.


    • whats wrong with u ben??? did kenny give u some juice to drink? At least for once look at things on a neutral level, maybe then u would understand what is really going on.
      You cannot stand in court and say someone is guilty of something, with NO evidence to prove that and expect something to happen. What don't you understand about that?


  4. Crow Crow you Drink some of the Petro Caribe oil man. How you so blind. It is clear that America's beef with Kenny goes beyond Impacts. They are fully aware that this is an election year and this is not helpful for him yet they keep bringing it up. They want Kenny out. Also why are they punishing his administration by withholding aid one word Venezuela. Haven't you heard this phrase, "The friends of my enemy are not my friends."


  5. The prime minister is a man who sold the country out for his own political gain. He on several occasions provided the US with information with the sole motive of advancing his self politically. Which leader or aspiring leader would provide a super power with such information knowing full well that it would derail our international standing. America has committed its own war crimes and covert operations to remove internal threats. But you ravenous wolf...Kenny....saw fitting to be the top suseh! Suseh who would disarm his nation globally so that he may pick up the crown at home. What kind of jackass we dealing with? A pompous narcissist! This same man who sold our coastlines to Greenberg and refuses to apologize for this gargantuan faux pas has succeeded in making us look like insipid fools once again with the juffali issue. Whilst he sits on his laurels and rubs his belly and burps with the impacs report sitting on his desk...the one he so casually helped bring to fruition. Well wake up call to you party hacks! The 80s babies won't be bought with your silly politricks. Gone are the days of the ignorant and illiterate voters...this is the new age. We want you and your bunch of thieving high falluting bastards out of office.


  6. these jokers again. What do you both know that the public do not know. How come politicians were named , and no response yet from any party. Jokers. Call elections now!


  7. Kenny clean up your shit......hurry boy before us / EU impose a travel ban on my sweet country. The tourist industry is all we have ..... Ever since u and your new labour boys hungry for power used mal quab and bram bram father to destroy our banana industry. Karma in your half white @$$


  8. Good Lord, when it will stop. UWP werent you the administration in power during the 2011 killings? Why is Kenny taking so long to put this thing to rest, its like an old sore- everything we keep rubbing it softcandle and it still bleeds.


  9. This guy is just outrageous with his pronouncement that I am at a loss as to whether he read the same US release that I read. What has the UWP stated that was in this article? NOTHING!! In fact, the release is contrary to his statements!. Below, I provide just three (there are more) issues:

    1. He said that the US's action against us was as a result of Petrocaribe. FALSE
    2. The US is not pleased with the Government. FALSE
    3. The IMPACS report should never be. FALSE


    • English must definitely be a foreign language to you, Crow. To post such nonsense you must have definitely just landed from outer space. You have to take this whole disaster in it's entirety which goes back even before IMPACS, in fact, even when Kenny was in opposition.


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