SLP wants Belrose to resign as Olympic Committee head

SLP wants Belrose to resign as Olympic Committee head
Fortuna Belrose
Fortuna Belrose
Fortuna Belrose

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party has called for Allen Chastanet to practice what he preaches.

In a letter to the membership of the St Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association and the Chamber of Commerce, the Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, has drawn attention to the position of Mrs. Fortuna Belrose as head of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee and Vice President of a regional body.

Dr. Anthony responded to claims made by Allen Chastanet in a March 21, 2016 letter to the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) in which he called for the resignation of Ernest Hilaire as chairman of the Board of the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Dr. Anthony has described Chastanet’s letter as “malicious” and stated that it contained concocted claims and stated obvious untruths. According to the Political Leader of the SLP, Chastanet’s letter is a crude attempt to damage the Government of Saint Lucia and solicit political support.

In his letter, Chastanet claimed that since Dr. Hilaire will be a candidate for the Saint Lucia Labour Party for the upcoming elections, then there is no doubt that the Labour Party is in control of the CIP, it is not independent and free of political interference.

Dr. Anthony has accused Chastanet of double standards and asks, “What about Fortuna Belrose?” According to Dr. Anthony, whereas the Constitution does not preclude anyone from heading statutory bodies based on political affiliation, one body that should be free from political influence in the National Olympic body. Dr. Anthony wrote,

“In any event, if Mr. Chastanet is correct then why has he not asked Mrs. Fortuna Belrose, the UWP candidate for Castries East, to resign as the President of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee and the Regional Vice President (Caribbean) of the Commonwealth Games Federation? Surely, his own logic would mean that the UWP is in control of the Olympic movement in Saint Lucia and that the decisions of the St Lucia Olympic Committee favour only UWP supporters? If there was ever a body which should be free of political interference and be independent, it is our national Olympic body.”

The Saint Lucia Labour Party therefore calls for the resignation of Mrs. Fortuna Belrose as President of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee.

The full letter will be released to the public in due course.


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  1. I can hear the cries for supper ! The hunger is in varying stages. Keep crying, you political leaches.


  2. Kenny, you and your cabal are so full of hot air that comes out the rear! When Fortuna Belrose was PS in Sports who approved her appointment to the Olympic Committee? You! SO wasn't it a conflict for her to be in government and also on the Olympic Committee? Sandow brackis you!!! LIAR LIAR!! Wheel and come again with your deception and B...


  3. With this, an additional installment in a serially unending expulsion of undiluted bull, the sitting PM has born out incontestable testimony that he is unfit to run for office even as an MP, and Lord have mercy, any role even resembling the PM of this country ever again. Heaven help us. God save us. Please God, let this phase past us quickly.


  4. This PM continues to embarrass me and all Saint Lucians. What a sacrifice we have made to place such PMs, in office first at the constituency level and have such only to bubble up to the top of the dung heap of trash political mouthings. What a pitiable position to be in right now.


  5. Has the Prime Minister of the SLP and all those surrounding 'noms sans gwen' have they gone stark staring mad? I think so.

    Why, by the same token, doesn't Prime Minister of the SLP not resign from the post of PM likewise, BEFORE contesting the next elections? Sounds funny to you? That is the equivalent for all thinking persons. This is how asinine this call for the resignation of this UWP candidate is.

    The communications and protestations of the SLP have long time ago, slipped from the sublime to the ridiculous. The foolish. The insane.

    We have entered the era of comical, clownish, real 'jackass droppings' politics in Saint Lucia.

    This is evidently a political clown act of deep desperation of the depressed group who have totally lost all sense of balance. The Prime Minister of the SLP has desperately become unhinged. Do we need any further evidence?

    Good riddance to real bad rubbish! Saint Lucia with two nobel laureates deserves much much better.


  6. I must say the flambeaus in this election season have been out spreading their own version of political gospel like an army. Seems they are out monitoring every article every comment. Its a full time job for them.


  7. A party has more influence in the Citizen by Investment programme than anything else but still the biggest embarrassment to the nation, the person at the centre of the alleged diplomatic bobol and the person Kenny wants to lead SLP is head of it, yet Kenny comes and talk this crap! How can a party influence the Olympic Committee? Really now Kenny! STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE.


    • If u read properly and understoodbu would realise that based on chastanet's gounds for hilaire's resignation u is insinuating just what Kenny stated.comprehension is key


  8. Comparing Olympic committee with CIP. IS KENNY for real. Do st. Lucians deserve that kind of insults. Will we tolerate that kind of garbage from a PhD Law professor and Prime Minister.

    Says just how confident he is thst he can fool St. Lucians


    • This entire SLP circus troupe must be put to pasture 17-0 at first opportunity. None of these political clowns should be put anywhere near a parliament with even one vote at the next elections. 17-0! 17-0! Wash the slate clean! It is time to start all over again. The country needs a good bath to remove this stench of crap that has been flowing from the SLP. 17-0.


  9. Did it have to take Kenny Anthony to bring to our attention that Fortuna Belrose should have resigned both positions the minute she decided to enter the political arena? Are we stupid or what
    don't we all that politics and sports don't mix. Ask FIFA and ICC and even the international Olympic committee These organisations Have made pronouncements on the issue,



    • You should have said that to Hilaire and Joachim Henry, (in case you may be suffering from a mild case of severe amnesia) SLP candidates that were announced before resigning their government positions.
      CIP and SSDF respectively.


  10. Kenny please! Don't you do the Kenny dance anymore find some other useless thing to do. Waste of time! Isn't a leader supposed to lead by example? Earnest has a history of making unsound judgements - Hello Juffali - remember. He is heading a governmental program. If Ms. Belrose position was in any way connected to Government you would have found some way to fire her. The fact that you can't is proof of you trying to fool Lucian's with such nonsense. We are waiting for the period within a month of the last election as you have said so that we can remove You, Hillaire and Juffali birds of a feather and yes Jadia also the apparent no brains behind those useless press releases.


  11. Well, well, well. I hope sucians eyes are open and they can see who and what they are feeling with.
    Petty Petty Petty. I am so disturbed by the comments that I think I am reading it wrong.
    Luciana wake up.


    • Is this man just plain insane? Has he lost all of his marbles? If not, there are significant signs that there may be a very good case to investigate further whether or not we have an incipient mad man at the top.


  12. As i see it everyone have to eat regardless your intention to run for political office> Hilaire and Belrose should be left alone.


  13. I wish politicians from both parties would focus on the issues . I want know what they will do about unemployment especially for the young people, health care, crime and the economy. How these matters are addressed is the significant factor that will determine which party I vote for.


  14. What is going on? Are we all under a dictatorship decided by Kenny De Antonym and the rest of the Sham Loving People? To think that the SLP have the gall to say this about the Olympic Committee which has nothing to do with the Public Service and also have Hilaire Volaire in a public service position and running for national office after diplomatic bobol beggars belief! No I did not read this right. My glasses have been misplaced somewhere. sumting not right.


    • Some people sound as if they are more than ripe for a well-deserved curative lobotomy.
      They have apparently lost it and can no longer be considered fit to make national decisions for this country and the rest of us.

      How sad! We have become the laughing stock of the rest of the Caribbean. "Doctor politics" is killing us. It is killing the rest of the Caribbean with laughter and some uncontrollably long guffaws.

      Reluctantly, we have to agree that miserably Saint Lucia has become $%$#@ country.


  15. Kenny since when that's your role, you are stresses over Chastanet and now over Belrose?


  16. One question Dr. Anthony. If CIP was established under UWP prior to 2011, wouldn't the SLP government be in a position remove the person in-charge? Can you do that with the President of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee. No you can't. This alone is an indication that the post are different. One is voluntary the other is not. One has political implications, the other doesn't. So what Kenny is saying that if Mr. Lyndon Cooper, the president of SLFA or the president of the Cricket Association goes up as a candidate he/she should resigned? You ability to compare is so poor. Ricky was so correct when he said that Kenny has very good accolades but he behave like a ******


  17. ha!ha! so why ernesto destructo not resigning from all the post that he holds when he hell bent on running elections?

    It is sad that SLP has taken lucians for fools, malaway only deserving of STEP-ing on, uneducated and all that and more.

    They are the kings of the hills in their unsound minds. and we the stupid lucians cannot do anything but accept all what they do. messeiur please put a date to end this disgrace...


  18. this point dr anthony is lacking. very lacking. the CIP program is a government program which in fact has PUBLICservant working within it. o hilare is actually directing public servants. I do not see how they are the same. ms belrose is heading a the olympic committee which isnt directly related to central government. kenny rewrite that book and i will maybe buy that sh**. steups.


  19. Joaquim Henry was still part of SSDF when he was announced. Tell Ernest Hilaire and all your other cronies to resign first. The flambeaus are following your example KDA!.


    • Yeup, I am a labourite, but I am disgusted at KDA. Jeez man, can't you see the people are following what YOU ARE PREACHING...two, and counting, examples, ALL TRUE, were given to you. Let it rest and disappear!


  20. Wait! wait! wait!....ok I need to breath and return later to read this...maybe I am hungry...


  21. How could a party be in charge of the "olympic movement" in St. Lucia? How could a party influence the decisions of an Olympic Committee? Just now Kenny you really think is gorgors you speaking to? You can speak that poop to your brainless supporters who couldn't careless whether is a fart that came out but would see it as being intelligent. I know definitely that the Chamber will not accept your idiotic statement for what it is. How can that to an Olmypic Committee which is monitored by an International body be compared to CIP program over which your government has total control?


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