WESTERN UNION ROBBERY: Gunman’s loot now stands at $61,000 after further checks

WESTERN UNION ROBBERY: Gunman’s loot now stands at $61,000 after further checks

lootAfter further investigations into yesterday’s armed robbery at Western Union in JQ Rodney Bay Mall, investigators have discovered that way more money was stolen than the initial estimate.

On responding to the report, investigators were told that approximately $50,000 was stolen, but after the business did a thorough check it was revealed that  a total of $61,000 was missing after the perpetrator left.

Police said in a press release that on Monday, December 7, 2015, at about 5:45 p.m., a man “known by features” entered the business place brandishing a firearm at two employees and demanding cash.

A janitor, who walked in on the robbery, was reportedly threatened by the gunman, a reliable source told St. Lucia News Online.

He walked away “calmly” after getting the money, a source said. The gunman was wearing a sunglasses and cap.

The camera system in the business place was not operational at the time of the robbery, but police sources said investigators are reviewing other camera footage in the Mall.



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  1. LOL & SMH. A business like this does not have operational cameras??? That is ridiculous and sounds really irresponsible if you ask me...


  2. Sipping my tea... Camera not working... Lol.... Lmao.... Well all I can say is Western union is a HUGE corporation... They must have insurance so insurance will cover the money lost. I applaud the robber for stealing from the rich and NOT the poor and I'm happy nobody is hurt. Merry Christmas and invest some money for 2016 buddy. Do NOT return. Sue had you known... Maybe you would have tried it too!


  3. Smells like an inside job to me. a 1 man job! i would hate to think that western union has no panic button or silent alarm (usually located within close proximity to cash/till) that could be used to alert police during these times. get security and cameras there are lots of people in your establishment daily, don't put their lives at risk.


  4. Did these people have that amount of cash readily available in their drawers, or did they have to open a safe?
    If the money was from their wicket/drawer , i wonder if they are required to operate with only a certain amount of cash at any given time . If there is a vault or safe on premises, they could probably place money in there once it exceeds the amount you suppose to have in your drawer for serving the public.
    Given the length of time that business is in operation, management should have an idea by now the peak periods which includes certain days, time of the month and seasons such as reopening of school and Christmas and probably adjust accordingly.


  5. I am not surprise. I did a transaction at that very branch a few months ago and I was taken aback by the lack of security and the actual placement of cash. In fact, the whole set-up of the office was just wrong. Very easy access. This was just waiting to happen. Not surprise.


  6. i am sure after that incident the cameras will be working properly and there will be guards not 24 but 25/7 people here like to take things lightly and is only when it hits them they want to correct things and put in procedures


  7. Really!! That for sure is a set up, there is no way this man would come in there so calm knowing that there is a camera. Man walk in with sun glasses and a cap in broad day light do his thing and walk away like nothing happen please...... that's a fat 2015 christmas Bonus.


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