Wendy Williams: I was a functioning cocaine addict

Wendy Williams: I was a functioning cocaine addict
Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

(PAGE SIX) – Wendy Williams is getting candid about her former struggle with cocaine addiction.

The daytime talk show host, who has put addiction behind her, said she developed the habit during her days working on radio.

“I was a functioning addict though,” Williams told ET. “I report to work on time, and I’d walk in and all my co-workers, including my bosses, would know, but since I would have my headphones on and walk in the studio and [they] wouldn’t fire me because I was making ratings.”

Balancing work, her life and her addiction, however, took work.

“[A] functioning addict has several alarm clocks, you’re organized,” Williams added. “It’s a miracle I was able to stop.”

Because of her decade-long battle with cocaine addiction, Williams partnered with The Hunter Foundation to launch the “Be Here” National Campaign designed to combat drug addiction and substance abuse in communities.


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  1. Wendy is fade out, far out and now, a role model wannabie for other fade outs and far out individuals. The blind leading the blind with insight sometimes gets somewhere by avoiding falling into life’s many pot holes.


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