Wellness Train impacts well over 1,000 children in Babonneau district

Wellness Train impacts well over 1,000 children in Babonneau district
An activity of the Wellness Train
An activity of the Wellness Train.

A health promotional activity geared at raising awareness about the importance of healthy habits took place recently.

The event, dubbed “The Wellness Train”, was organised by the Bureau of Health Education in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

It involved a road show which went from school to school in the Babonneau district promoting healthy habits and practices under the theme “Loving Your Body Inside Out.”

Local police along with the Ministry of Agriculture were also stakeholders in staging the event.

Parliamentary Representative for the area and Minister of Health Alvina Reynolds said the fun-filled event was simply aimed at getting the message of adopting healthy lifestyles out there.

“The message is healthy lifestyle and it’s short and sweet. It’s about eating right. Eating your fruits and vegetables, exercising everyday, reducing your sugar intake, no alcohol for children and reduce alcohol for adults, and also brushing their teeth – [which is] everything healthy for the young people.”

According to Natasha Lloyd-Felix, director of the Bureau of Health Promotion, the Wellness Train is a highly interactive and non-traditional way of transmitting the health message. She believes the event has had a great impact on the community.

“What we are trying to push is the importance of changing by making choices. Healthy choices – [like]  exercise, nutrition… embracing our local foods…,” she said.

The event was centred on children as they are considered to be every nation’s future, organisers said.

The Wellness Train impacted well over 1,000 students from Balata, Fond Assau, La Guerre, Boguis, De Barras and Babonneau Primary Schools and the Babonneau Secondary school.


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