Weekend Crime Prevention Tips

Weekend Crime Prevention Tips


PRESS RELEASE – Crime prevention means being aware of your environment and remaining alert to situations that could make you vulnerable to crime. We cannot list specific measures that will protect you from every threatening situation, which may arise.

Instead, we hope to teach you how to think “Crime Prevention” in day-to-day living


Chatting online has entertained and fostered new relationships for millions since it was introduced. With new technology bringing voice and video chat into the spotlight, even more virtual communication possibilities abound. Chatting online can be entertaining and a great way to keep in touch with all your acquaintances. Chatting technology also has its place in professional settings where it can be used for video conferencing and phone conferencing.

Being online does have its dangers though. Predators always take advantage of those who don’t know how to protect themselves or what they may be getting into. Children are especially susceptible. Following are some tips that will help you and those you care about stay safe while chatting online:

  1. NEVER give personal information online. Your real name, address, telephone number, sex and age should be kept to yourself when meeting people online. If someone presses you for this information they probably don’t have good intentions. Legitimate users will understand your desire for protecting your privacy.
  2. Use EXTREME caution when agreeing to meet in person with someone you’ve met online. Always meet in a public place and always take someone with you. If you are under 18, NEVER meet with someone without taking a parent with you.
  3. Choose your screen name carefully. Choose something that is gender neutral and fun. Choosing something risqué for your user name will attract the wrong kind of crowd and is not appropriate for professional uses.
  4. Never respond to any inappropriate solicitations or comments that make you uncomfortable.
  5. Never believe everything you read in a profile, on a message board or in a chat. Often, people pretend or role play, either for entertainment, to hide or for other ulterior motives.
  6. Avoid engaging in arguments online. There are those who provoke this kind of behavior on purpose. Resist the urge to fire back and move on.
  7. Know the rules of the chat rooms you visit and follow them.
  8. Don’t post negative or personal information of others.
  9. Never accept files or downloads that you aren’t expecting or from people you don’t know. You may receive a virus, spam or other inappropriate material.
  10. Know how to make copies or logs of your chat conversations.
  11. Utilize the protection and safety features offered by chatting software. Some have settings that block unwanted users, allow you to ignore chatters that behave inappropriately and so on.
  12. Know how to contact the moderator of a chat room.

“Following these tips will help you enjoy the benefits of online chatting whether it is through text, video or voice. The Internet provides many resources that make life more convenient. However, always be aware that some people do not have good intentions or are mischievous, so be smart, think before you type and obey the rules of netiquette”

This has been your weekend crime prevention tips. Do have an enjoyable and safe weekend.


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