“Wednesday’s march just the start” – Raise Your Voice St. Lucia

“Wednesday’s march just the start” – Raise Your Voice St. Lucia

12247138_1686472968266970_463809984262250033_nPRESS RELEASE – RAISE YOUR VOICE SAINT LUCIA, organisers of the public march to be held on Wednesday 25th November, 2015, says the march is just the first step in its efforts to stamp out violence against women and children in Saint Lucia.

This is the group’s first major activity “Our work does not stop with the march. In fact, the march will be used to create public awareness for the work ahead”. A Declaration will be read and will be the pivot upon which we focus our work in the coming months.

” The declaration is rooted in the concern that discrimination and violence against women and children remain persistent and widespread and rooted in law and practice. Further, policy makers have failed to adopt legislation and policies to protect women and children from violence and discrimination and where such laws exist, violators often go unpunished and impunity prevails.

This declaration recognises that government has the primary responsibility to ensure respect for the rights of women and children and to ensure the elimination of discrimination and violence; above all this is a matter of political will. Thus, Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia will call upon Saint Lucia’s legislators to fully implement and ratify the various international conventions that Saint Lucia is party to which aims to protect the human rights of women and children.

The organisation will also call on government to (among other things), build the capacity of the Justice System, i.e. Police, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution to solve crime, the Courts to bring swift justice to victims, re-commissioning of the forensic laboratory and establishment of a shelter for victims of sexual assault.

In effecting our work over the coming month’s we pledge to engage all national, regional and international actors to join the movement to achieve gender equality and full respect of women and children’s rights. Wednesday’s march will take place from 2:00PM commencing at Serenity Park and culminating at activities will be held.


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