“Weapons of mass distraction” – Chastanet says Felix is trying to intimidate DPP

“Weapons of mass distraction” – Chastanet says Felix is trying to intimidate DPP

United Workers Party Leader (UWP) Allen Chastanet has accused Housing Minister Stanley Felix of attempting to intimidate Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Victoria Charles-Clarke, calling such actions “weapons of mass distraction” from the troubling issues affecting St. Lucia.

Felix, while addressing a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) rally at the Castries Market, called on the DPP to resign or retire if she is unable to do what’s “just and right” in the interest of the country as it relates to acting on the IMPACS report and an investigation into the town and village councils report against former UWP members.

In an interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today, Nov. 26, Chastanet said Felix and his government have “lost sight of their respect for the citizens of this country”.

Chastanet compared Felix’s rant with that of Senate President Claudius Francis who claimed earlier this year that some police officers and the UWP are plotting to overthrow the government. Chastanet said Francis went as far as incriminating magistrates in his allegation.

The UWP leader pointed out that the DPP’s office is constitutionally protected from government interference, yet this “government continues to fool the people”.

Chastanet pointed out that the constituency report was commissioned by Cabinet and was laid before the House of Parliament before it was vetted by the auditor general or any independent body.

“The DPP is not an investigation arm of government. It is the one that takes the evidence and determines if it can be presented before the court…. How can the DPP react to a report that has not come through the proper channels? Did it go though the auditor general? Was it sent to police department?”

Chastanet said the government handled the IMPACS report in a similar way.

“So whose going to determine the veracity of the claims, who is going to confirm the evidence they have?” he questioned.

The UWP mentioned the case government brought against him – and lost.

“They could not even bring a criminal charge. They brought it in civil court where the bar of proof is even lower and they lost the case. They are now appealing…” he said.

Chastanet said the government continues to bypass the proper channels of justice. He said Cabinet is not the judge and jury of St. Lucia, “but they continue to act like they are”.

He said Felix’s comments are the continuation of the government’s “nonsense, intimidation and victimization”.

Chastanet said the comments by Felix and other frivolous claims by the government are just “weapons of mass distraction”.

“They are trying to get off the fact that we have a serious situation going on in St. Lucia where crime is out of control, an economy where there is no hope, and the reputation of this nation is being torn apart…. What is going on is criminal and they don’t get it,” he added.


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  1. Is it possible for SNO to do some fact checking when it comes to these types of articles. Chastenet claims that due process was not followed, I am not sure of the process as I'm sure is the case for many others. It would be nice if we could get some independent insight into the way things are supposed to work and how they actually transpired.


  2. Why is this man speaking?? Mr. Felix don't forget some people know about the skeletons in your closet. Not because you can pay your electricity bill these days you have the right to sling mud at people.


  3. Stanley Felix has forgotten where he came from. He is now watching his bread. Felix was a hungry Lawyer. Now in St. Lucia we have Lawyers like flies, some of them cannot even pay their bills and Stanley was one of them. Stanley was surprised when a Ministry was given to him as a looser. Now he is so big that he feels the best place to vent his feelings is on the market steps. Felix is dumb and out of place, to ask the DPP. to resign, retire or quit. Stanley if somebody has to quit it should be you, The members of your party should be ashamed of you, The members of your party wanted to boot you out, because your words speak louder than your actions, By the way which constituency are you representing? I hope it will not be Castries Central again because we will vote you out you looser


  4. SLP realise that Saint Lucians are on to them now and are trying every which way to distract us. Where was Stanley Felix the last 4 years? All of a sudden you are so vocal with shit coming out of every orifice. What this is simply a ploy to draw attention away from the 3 billy goats gruff - Ernest, Kenny and Juffali. Well let me bring you all back to reality. We WANT answers about Juffali! We WANT answers about Mr Williams. We WANT answers about why Hilaire gave up his position both at IMO. We WANT answers about Ernest's being slated to take over from Kenny. We WANT answers We WANT answers We want answers


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