We want the Independence Day military parade in Vieux-Fort in 2016 (letter to the editor)

We want the Independence Day military parade in Vieux-Fort in 2016 (letter to the editor)

letter to the editorI would like to make a strong plea on behalf of all people living in the south, especially from Dennery down to Soufriere.

St. Lucia was granted independence status in the year 1979. Since then, up to last year, and 2015, the Independence Day military parade has been held in Castries.

I am saying, for 36 years now, it is only the people who live in Castries and its environs, who have witnessed live, the military parade year in, year out.

I am strongly advocating that next year, 2016, that the Independence Day military parade be held in Vieux-Fort for a change! I have heard countless people from the south wishing they could have gone to Castries to watch it live. Every year, over and over again, they see it on TV. They want to see it and experience the true feeling of Independence. I am of the view that the true essence of Independence Day is the military parade, hence the reason why I am firmly of the belief that it should be held in Vieux-Fort next year.

The newly refurbished Phillip Marcellin Grounds can do just that.  Mr. Prime Minister, I implore you to have the Independence Day Committee consider Vieux-Fort in their deliberations. Please allow the people in the south, east and west, an opportunity to witness this spectacular event for the very first time live.

Over to you Mr. Prime Minister!


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  1. First of all, Does St. Lucia have a military, to say that we have a military parade? In fact we have a police force with no equipment. To say something should be held in the south in an island which is only 16 miles long is truly having an island mentality. These same people when overseas commute 30-100 miles just to get to the mall. What you should be asking the PM is a better road network to connect you to the capital, plus, a good economy to put money in your pocket so that you can get to the Capital to celebrate independence. In any developed country such event are always held in the Capital as it represents the seat of the government.


  2. So sad that the letter writer have to ask the pm for that chance. Haven't you guys seen that this pm has no vision what so ever.


    • Why don't you think before making political statements. You only see things in colors, Yellow or Red. Have you ever thought the same of the previous tenants of the office that was in office for donkey years after 1979. We have been celebrating independence since 1979 and you are trying to put blame on the PM. Don't you think the blame should be spread around from Compton up to present day. I do agree with the writer. We need to start including the south in some of these celebrations. We have and will continue to be looked at in the rear view mirror of these politicians. "O well", maybe it's better that way. Less crime, less undesirables.


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