“We shall never retire” – LGBT organisation tells Minister Flood-Beaubrun

“We shall never retire” – LGBT organisation tells Minister Flood-Beaubrun
Charles (left) and Flood-Beaubrun
Charles (left) and Flood-Beaubrun

Quoting scriptures, United and Strong (U&S) Communications Officer Bennet Charles has spoken in defense of the lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and reiterated a call for Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to state whether the views expressed by External Affairs Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun at a recent World Congress of Families (WCF) and Caribbean Center for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM) meeting recently is that of government as it relates to her stance on decriminalising buggery.

Flood-Beaubrun, at the meeting, had reiterated her previously stated position that government will stick to its decision to refrain from decriminalising buggery and prostitution despite mounting pressure from international countries and organisations.

The U&S group has since taken issue with her statements. Speaking to HTS News4orce Charles accused the minister of promoting hate.

“1st John 3:15 states that everyone who hates his brother is a murderer and, you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. We share this quote from the Bible because we’re of the view that…CARIFAM is an organisation that promotes anti-LGBT and hate messages toward the community and we’re very concerned …that the minister apparently uses her position as government minister to promote her beliefs as an individual and the beliefs of her NGO in itself,” Charles said.

“…We need to get it very clear from the Government of St. Lucia whether the World Congress of Families (WCF) and CARIFAM have been subcontracted as the moral compass of this country ,” he said.

The communications officer gave the vow that U&S would continue to defend the LGBT community.

“So we want to tell the minister, on your watch, we shall never retire. We shall continue to be the voice of the voiceless. We shall continue to ensure that the hate messages of the World Congress of Family (WCF) and CARIFAM does not penetrate and influence the people of St. Lucia. And we’re asking the honourable Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to make clear the statement on the government’s position on the LGBT community in St. Lucia. Unless this government is siding with the views of the Honourable Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun and the views of Honourable Guy Joseph,” he said.


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  1. At the end of the day, same sex unions contradict and undermine the fundamental structure of society, the family. Children are born as a result of a heterosexual union, a same sex union is the antithesis of this.
    We are seeing the result of the breakdown of familial bonds caused by many factors that bring about division. Adults and youths who feel no allegiance to anyone (family) and so conduct activities that are self-serving and detrimental to others. I'm talking about the violent acts of rape and physical attacks.
    Who people choose to partner with is their business, I just don't understand why the LBGT community chooses to force their lifestyle choices on others. What about Mrs. Beaubrun's Family Conference offended them so much? It's like they are the only ones with a right to an opinion and life choices.
    The gay agenda is further dividing us. Speak out against violence, what you do as consenting adults is not the public's business. I don't need/want to know who you're sleeping with.


  2. The amount of hypocrisy that I see in these comments and in St. Lucia. Ridiculous. The bible itself contradicts in many different ways. Why shouldn't everyone be able to live a happy life without people bothering them. In what way does the way another person lives their life affect you?


  3. I just don't understand why persons want to quote scripture to justify themselves, why take piece and not take all. That same bible that you quoted from speaks about sodomites, and why sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed. I just don't understand?


  4. The man himself look like a lost cause. The abomination get to him already. He accepting gay people money to promote nasty agenda and it look like even his poor soul have trouble coping. these bullahs have no moral compass, they live and die for Mr. Dick. now u see why so many suffer from disease and sickness. its because of the uncleanliness of their acts. the bullah money now in small st lucia hoping to score a victory so they can be proud and spread bulling propaganda all over the place. a lot of the bulling is older fellas taking advantage of younger fellas. so they give them money and bull them. the fellas like the money so they stay in the bulling ting. so the majority of those who end up in bulling is through older men perverting them in our society, so they not natural bullahs. you LGBT agenda should be, Lets Give Bullahs Therapy (LGBT) because they need it because of sexual perversion and abuse.


  5. Benett STOP the bulling !!every time you suck or get penetrated God is watching you with disgust just remember that.

    You are going to get smitten... STOP IT !! Am warning ya!! STOP bulling. Find yourself a girl and make love and STOP doing the unthinkable


  6. I know what the Bible says about homosexuality, what it says about adulterers, fornicators as well as liars. All sin is sin in the eyes of God. We don't get to choose what we condemn, we don't get to decide who is the worst sinner from among us. Sarah is a Minister of Government, she can't deny any human being civil rights on the basis of their sexuality and use the Bible to justify it. If that can be done, so too, adulterers and fornicators should be denied their civil rights. We should break down their doors and charge those homewreckers when they are in the arms of their lovers. We think by bashing gays, we will score points with God. God is not negotiating sin with us. If Sarah was mindful to arrest a problem she should start within her Cabinet, she can't harbour Ubaldus Raymond and condemn the LGBT community. If we think the gays are morally rubbish, so are the adulterers and fornicators. God gave us all free will, we make choices and we choose the wrong path, Sarah is fighting with the LGBT because she is seeking to take the ire of the people off of her Government. We are very good at hate, we don't need Sarah to make us hate the gays


  7. And that guy was in charge of St. Lucia's National Youth Council. IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!

    Compare that with the calamity we face with our youth today!!!


    Well its reality now. I guess St. Lucia's ass is in hot water right now.


  8. go and have a seat Bennet Charles you stupid fool. you want to start quoting bible scriptures now to justify yall lgbt nasty disgusting actions. that same bible you reading also says that the nastiness yall want to promote is also wrong and an abomination before the eyes of the lord but when people tell yall about it yall shy away from it. people like you only want to accept certain scripture in the bible and disregard the rest for yall own good.

    we not backing down for no buggrey laws to be changed take a hike


  9. When will we Lucians stop being hypocrites some of u posting here sleeping with people woman or man that is a sin...you touching innocent children that is a sin ...you pay for sex or fool people into having sex with you with plenty lies or under the influence that is a sin ...man to man woman to woman that is a sin ...sex outside of marriage that is a sin ...you see I wrote all this to say all sin is sin in the lords eyes there is no big sin and little sin stop judging people cuz that in itself is a sin...live and let live if what people do don't bother you plz shut ur a** and don't comment and this country will be a better place ...and to those who quick to bash the island and want to leave guess what the places you will run to it legalize full blown ....im living my life how I see fit like any other sinner I have sex out of marriage and have kids out of wedlock that is a sin so I am pretty sure everyone reading this is a sinner in some was so don't judge others when they do all sin is sin we not different in gods eyes ....haters bash me now cuz its all some of us good at


    • I will not bash you my friend but I will let you know that if one willfully choose to continue living in sin, you will be damned. Sin is sin and no amount of philosophical arguments will change that. So do not choose to willfully live in sin (including bulling, stealing, lying, etc).


    • I am disgusted with this comment although you are right, all sin is sin. This is not what that is being discussed, we have to stick to the subject and the subject is LGBT. We in St.Lucia have every right not to accept the buggery law.


  10. Sarah and Guy I support you all to the fullest. The biblie speaks against these sins we keep to what the word of gads says. If this government decides to go the way of the sinners I will be first go vote them out even before an election. No curse on our country. No weapons form against St.Lucia will prosper in Jesus name. AMEN


  11. Most of your comments are been judgmental!! Love the sinner hate the sin!! You know how many married couples pretend to be "husband and wife" and wife is a lesbian and husband bisexual??? Why judge anyone..there are people who get involved in "three some sex" and so much more nasty stuff...you all are just as bad and evil and wanti g to judge a gay...pleaseeee!!! we are in no position to judge each other..I respect the fact of one's opinion but not being.judgmental..I have alot of gay friends and I find them a joy being around most of them are on their own business...lets not be so judgmental smh!!


  12. Bennett STOP BULLING, bulling is not a healthy practice. This can lead to hepitise B, anal warts, and anal cancer to name a few.
    STOP THE BULLING BENNETT! and the promotion of it there off, and remember it's never to late to stop being a Bi*ch. Because this type of life style will never be acceptable in Saint Lucian society and don't try to quote scriptures to get your point across, it's a big joke that same bible cast your lifestyle in the bottomless pit !!

    STAY BULL FREE IN 2018 cheers! ??


  13. In the United States and Europe they are facing the effects of the 1960s and 70s freeness in sexual issues with paedophilia and sexual perversion running rampant particularly with the very ones who have pushed the sexual revolution like Hollywood.
    As they turned away from Christian teachings so has all these unnatural ways of life increased.
    There are very few gays in the world I.e. people who for some reason or the other have sexual issues different from the norm. The gay agenda though has given the opportunity for most people who have personal messed up issues to practice the gay lifestyle because it is now promoted and we are bullied into accepting it by a minority supported by liberal rich elites.


    • New Testament Verse of the Day:

      Then the father realized that that was the very time Jesus had told him, "Your son will live." And he and his entire household believed in Jesus.
      – John 4: 53


  14. Big things are gwan....Well Minister Sarah Flood Beaubrun need to have left these people business alone if you want to take wood in your ass is your problem,if you want to suck dick is your problem.If you want to split on a dick is your problem,You see that Charles guy have a point,why the hell will Sarah Flood Beaubrun not let these people live their Satanic life,they aint bothering Sarah or me or any mf body.They not sleeping with me or bulling me,why the hell because,hell will be some of us homes.So many are called by just a few will be broken.Everybody have to be happy yeah,Do what makes you happy Sarah Flood Beaubrun,let these people have their human rights,if it means that they will burn.God is God the creator.Let these demons live their lifes.Charles fighting God he can quote scripture,know Bible and yet look at him,he making a mockery of God,and still quoting scriptures.Speaking in tongues but we hearing English.Am done i will say no more about this,they come in sheep's clothing.


    • Yeah but they use your money to go on conferences seminars, bulling parties all over the world. They are also messing up a whole generation of kids who think that lifestyle is cool. Ask around see what goes on in the schools. Food for thought


  15. The acceptance of this fake organization would just duplicate our whores . We have nuff to deal with already. It's just too unnatural.


  16. First and foremost Mr. Charles, I'm ashamed of what you've become. If you will use the scriptures to justify your abominable act, I will continue to guide accordingly. The word of God states that The One true Living God hates our sin but he loves the sinner. So don't twist Sarah flood's comment to mean she hates LGBT. I speak and deal with LGBTs but I hate their sinful behaviour. Not only LGBTs sin but you folks fall in the category of sinful acts and will have no place with the King of Kings Jesus Christ.
    The word of God also states that all sexual immorality cannot enter heaven. So if you profession Christianity you need to sit your butt down and do a soul search cause your dirty bum is heading straight for the lake of fire and brimstone's which was prepared for the devil and his angels. So you should thank Mrs Flood for teaching you the way of truth. Pure nastiness and you want society to accept it? Young man God didn't make Adam and Steve he made Adam and Eve and he said a man shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife not another man. So please if you are a Christian stop your confusion. Get help. Someone has hurt you. Please forgive them and move in in the right way. Ayay but look at you.


  17. people are born restarted, born with extra limbs, born missing limbs born with so many abnormal things.
    Why people cannot be born gay?


    • Being born gay is a biological possibility, and that is fine.

      However, engaging in homosexual acts is a choice. A choice fraught with health risks, a choice which is contrary to our biological design and a choice which is contrary to our societal and religious beliefs.

      The bible never said being gay was wrong, however, acting on these impulses to sleep with a person of the same sex would damn you forever. Were you born gay? That is your stake to carry in life, some people were born with worse conditions. Suck it up. Then again don't.


    • You cannot be born gay because gay only pertains to sexuality. A fetus or a baby does not have sex or sexual thoughts so how could it be gay? So you see where your reasoning is flawed.


    • So why the Bible spoke out against it then? If God allowed people to be born gay why destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? Why did Lot offer his daughters when the men wanted to sleep with the angels? So God was confused?
      If gays are going to quote the Bible they CANNOT omit certain scriptures.


  18. With all the murders and crime in Castries Sarah should be trying to solve crime.
    who people decide to sleep with other is their business.
    And for the people quoting the bible they should only have sex with the person they are married too.
    they commit all types of sin and want to kill someone for committing one.

    A few years ago superstitious people use to use the bible to burn sick people.
    People use the Bible to in slave black people, most wars and every from of nastiness.
    A few years from now people will see those same superstitious who wants to burn Guys as really sick people.

    I am not Gay myself...but people grow and get with the modern world.


    • Get with the modern world?
      The only reason it getting all that attention is because they want to be more mainstream. So as a result people like you will be more inclined to lend a sympathetic ear to their cause.

      Eventually, people practicing beastiality will be pushing for their cause too. Then pedophiles will be pushing for their cause too.
      I hope you see where I am going with this.


    • We need to address those issues because we will have more crime. More foreigners as well as more local men will be raping young boys and men if we as a society accepts this law. That is what you call the modern world my friend?


  19. Shame on these sick bed bugs who wants to come out and show the world their faces they should go buried themselves alive.A man and woman produced them what they want to prove


  20. It’s funny how people quote a few things from the bible but can’t quote the rest. God gave Woman unto Man, when god made Adam he realized Adam was lonely so he made him a woman, not a man but a woman so the two can reproduce. Mr. Charles why don’t you quote that part. Plz stand aside with your abomination


  21. Repent! If you persist in evil, God will retire you in his own time. Read in its proper context what the Bible has to say about such lifestyle and how he dealt with it.


  22. No one ask you to retire but please stay in your section and away from our children or emigrate.