“We saw about fifteen boats pass near us without seeing us” – Ismael Nemorin recounts

By Ana Alleyne
Ismael Nemorin (right) spoke about his ordeal at sea with Richie James of St. Lucia (centre) and his other friend Christopher Qimper who did not survive.

Ismael Nemorin (right) spoke about his ordeal at sea with Richie James of St. Lucia (centre) and his other friend Christopher Qimper who did not survive.

Martinique national Ismael Nemorin, who along with St. Lucian Richie James were rescued at sea after being adrift for just over three weeks, told Radio Caraibes International (RCI) about their ordeal of being lost at sea.

“We saw about fifteen boats pass near us without seeing us,” the 26-year-old was quoted as saying by RCI.

He added: “On board we had two boxes of tuna in oil. For the water we had to be satisfied with a plug of rainwater a day.

Christophe Quimper, 43, also of Martinique, did not survive. He reportedly threw himself into the sea in despair, Nemorin told RCI.

“One night he tried to jump, we held him back, he said he saw his mother, and one night we fell asleep, we heard cries and it was too late,” Nemorin said, adding that engine failure led to the three men to drift offshore for about 23 days.

The boat ‘Loyalty, with Nemorin and James, was recovered at sea by a cruise ship, 800 kilometers from the coast of St. Lucia, according to French media reports.

RCI reports that Nemorin is currently in the custody of the French consulate in Curacao.


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  1. I once saw on a program called "I Shouldn't be alive", which is based on reenactments of actual survivor accounts. In one episode, It was seen that after one victim continued consuming sea water whilst safely aboard a floating vessel, its salt content caused the victim to hallucinate to the point of thinking dry land or other contacts existed outside their stranded vessel.

    This might have been why the guy went overboard.

  2. Some people really act ridiculous, sad and salty. Note well I am referring to their behaviour not their character. The purpose of a comments section is for ANY and EVERYBODY to give their view no matter if it makes sense, sounds ignorant or even biased. Here you are calling people names for a case thats not even yours. They may not make sense but thats their opinion.

    • I swear, St. Lucians exhibit bully behavior all the time. And when it comes to politics, oh my Lord! We are all independent thinkers; what make some think that their way of thinking is superior?

  3. to the mother of richie i think that you need to relax, dont give up on him but relax. dont get me wrong but i know he is your child and you have and need to talk to him and as a godly lady lead him in the right direction but most of the times we the parents want to lead our children to salvation and not let the holy spirit do its job.

    you need to let the holy spirit do its job, you cant do it for it. you said it your self and i quote "That’s why he avoids talking to me because he said I always preaching, preaching to him,”. preaching to our kids is a good thing but when it comes to the point they dont want to hear and it seems like they pushing away you need to relax cause it will just drive them away and into more bad stuff cause he is seeing like you want him to be something he does not want to be or the holy spirit is not ready for him as yet but dont stop talking to him. your other two are Christians thats good, did they become christian because you were always preaching to them because that is what YOU want them to be? or did they do it because you were preaching to them and they made their decision on THEIR OWN.

    am going to be a bit raw here and real, not all of us are going to be Christians but all of us can be. as sad as it might be we parents have to accept the fate of our kids not being christian no matter how much we want them to be and they might go to hell cause we cant save them cause god gave us each our own free will. but remember this he might not be living the life that YOU want him to live but you have no idea if he has already accepted god in his heart which is all it takes to get to heaven, no deeds. remember the thieves at the cross when Jesus was being crucified? who knows how long this guy has been a thief and the day he died i am sure people assumed they were going to hell (point being you cant know someones heart) i rest my case

  4. the way i see it black people are strong and were just meant to survive

    • i retract that statement i thought that the white guy on the left was Christopher and that the pic shown here was before they were lost, apparently it seems to be a recent picture of after they were rescued.

  5. straight SHOOTER

    No stone should be left unturn, you have the safety of being on a boat, why throw your self over board intentionally . Every one is entitle to their own opinion . Like i said earlier , i have a hunch and will stick to that, and will always be the straight shooter.

  6. because is de white man dat die there is fowl play.............jackass do your research and keep your trap shut before u make your foolish accusations jackass shooter...lol my baad straight shooter

    • The one who died is not pictured. See his picture in another article. He's not white

    • How it go look when you calling people jackass but you are the biggest jackass. Let me guess you ASSume the white guy in the photo is the one who drowned? And here I am thinking that's a photo after they were rescued.

  7. Always carry a mirror and learn the morse code SOS ...---... dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot.

  8. straight SHOOTER

    I have a strong hunch that something is not right. there are too many holes in this story that does not add up. I Hope the authorities investigate this matter throughly because there may be a crime committed .

    • If u don't have nothing good to say try to keep quiet. Their disappearance was all over the French media. Its this report that didn't give a clear explanation. And for your info they ran short of fuel that's why they were drifting. Most probably their gas was siphoned and they never realized. At least that is what the French media said. So before we start pointing fingers and suggesting negative scenarios try to do a lol research.

      • This goes to show you how stupid and ignorant some people are

      • Yall Dek Deks that just Believe everything u see on Tv(SocialMedia) .. im 99.9% sure that wasnt the full story .. i wasnt even there to witness tho .. but These things happen alot .. if you a real "STREET NIGGA" You knw that story aint making no sense/cents .. Them Mun must Have video evidence to fool me .. other than that yall Go Labah on a Weed Hunt end of story ..

    • Not all thoughts we should entertain and or repeat.

      I will admit that was the first thing that came to mind, then I asked myself "were you there?" It was wrong of me and you as well to think anything other than what they said happened.

      Let not your thoughts run wild.

      • if you want an article to insult your intelligence be my guess. But I read this and see nothing but holes... just so a grown ass french mun come and take a 19 year old lucian on a "fishing trip" then on their way back from Martinique y'all run out of gas ? Saint Lucia waters doesn't have fish? Lets just move on the side of caution.

    • boy yall lucians will say anything to feel/sound like Nancy Drew eh smh

    • But you have not even heard the story so how come you already alleging "holes?" You just read a report but not the story. However, i have found some comfort in knowing that there people who can't trust themselves so they always suspicious of others even when they cannot prove to the contrary.


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