“We recover firearms actually every day” – Police Commissioner

By Samuel Sukhnandan, Staff Reporter

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The Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPPF) is trying its best to curb the smuggling of illegal weapons into the island, but Police Commissioner Vernon Francois said police officials find illegal weapons “actually every day” when they carry out searches and conduct investigations.

Francois made this disclosure at a press conference yesterday.

“The fact of the matter is we do not manufacture firearms in St. Lucia apart from the few homemade guns. They are actually coming to St. Lucia through our porous borders,” Francois admitted.

However, he said the police work constantly to tighten up borders to reduce smuggling.

“I won’t disclose the logistics of how it is done, but I want St. Lucians to rest assure that we are on top of the situation, in terms of preventing firearms from coming through our porous borders.”

Francois further revealed that there are a lot of “little bases around the island” that people can use to smuggle firearms and other illegal weapons here. However, he said police officials have been doing their best to secure these areas and prevent the illegal weapons from entering the island.

“One firearm is one firearm too many in this country,” he added.

The RSLPF leader said as law enforcement officials, it is their duty to keep chasing after the people responsible for smuggling these illegal weapons or those in possession of one.

“We are hoping to form a greater partnership with the judicial system as it relates to dealing with people who are in possession of firearms, because a firearm is a deadly weapon,” he said, while urging citizens to report anyone who might have an illegal weapon or knows of someone who might be engaged in the trade.

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  1. The guns aren't bringing themselves in and killing people. You must cut the problem at its source. Find the suppliers and the distributors. Getting a kid with a gun will not discourage the suppliers...ever gun you ceased, they bring in 100 more.

  2. Another major reason for illegal weapon entry into the island is bribe acceptance by corrupt officials.

  3. Not fooled, so so so true. You sure need to know folks in high places to get approved. Sighhhh

  4. Ppl it's not possible to secure all our boarders as we are an island surrounded by water

  5. "We're on too of things"? Hogwash! You are not on too of anything. Every little gangster has a firearm in St. Lucia. Meanwhile law abiding citizens are not issued licenses to carry one legally to protect themselves. Unless of course, you have friends in high places.

    • Agree 100% Law abiding citizens are sitting ducks to the criminals with guns. Also knives, cutlass, stones cars are all deadly wepons why not ban them too.

  6. Actually it happened last year ,they found clothes an jewellery as well

  7. Most of the illegal weapons, I believe, are transported via the islands to our north and south. Boats, until the disguise of being fishermen, aren't searched.

  8. What the heck is going on in st.lucia,what a shame.

  9. Clearly those Firearms are Not entering this Island through Conventional means.

    Our boarders are NOT SECURE.

    The time has come for this Government to have a Boarder Patrol Unit, outside the realm and jurisdiction of the Police Force, with the sole purpose for Boarder Security.

  10. So is the commissioner saying that so far this year they have collected 283 illegal weapons. (Wow) What is this country turning into. Sigh

  11. The Commissioner is among my favorite 5 living St. Lucians. Sometimes, I believe the guy does not get enough support. For police to be effective anywhere, there are three key factors that must be present. They are detection, apprehension and deterrence.

    Anyone with half a brain knows that detection and apprehension of criminals home is on the margin. This mainly stems from funding...lack of training and lack of tools. The deterrence piece comes from both inside and outside the police force. If the police were extremely effective, that in itself would have created deterrence. The outside part deals with the people who create laws...elected politicians. For a number of years those IDIOTS have failed to increased the penalties for illegal gun ownership. As a matter of fact, because of their inaction, it has become profitable to own an illegal weapon. Armed robbers have become the new blue collar professionals on the island. The biggest penalty should have been reserved for people guilty of smuggling weapons into the island. I am thinking 15-25 years.

  12. the sad about the biggest port of entry will always be Port Castries, i respect you but don't mislead the people what you find in the illegal coves around is child's play compare to what comes in those containers. And you'll know that , so don't make is seem like is fiber that totally responsible.

    Eg. Mr Commissioner couple years ago a container was broken in to the cap estate area, police were extra vigilant in the town of Gros Islet all because of the special cargo of that container ,yes it was AK 47's and rounds. Could you imagine that container was cleared by customs . You'll should fire customs agents who cleared that container and give the 2 young boys who found the special cargo should be given their jobs...............it was not a publicized incident people on the ground knew what was happening........... so please u better than that..........


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