We must stop the voodoo in politics – Guy Joseph

We must stop the voodoo in politics – Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

Several United Workers Party (UWP) supporters were on Sunday cheering on Castries South East Member of Parliament (MP), Guy Joseph, when he said prayers are not enough to address the issues facing Saint Lucia.

Joseph told the UWP public meeting held at Babonneau that Saint Lucia is on the road of “transgression not only politically, but spiritually.”

While using the political platform to quote various Bible scriptures to support his argument, Joseph said people whose hand are tainted with blood, “cannot be the ones to lead this country into prayer.”

“For us to rescue this country, we must stop the bloodshed, we must stop the voodoo, we must stop the sacrificing of lives to be elected into political office,” he added.

The former Works Minister noted too that before “they repent, they have to confess.”

Joseph made these comments even amid plans by the UWP, to host a National Day of Prayer, to be held at the Vigie Multipurpose Sports Complex on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

The event is expected to feature prayer and worship, and several Christian preachers will be in attendance.

Political Leader of the UWP, Allen Chastanet, recently posted on his Facebook page, that there are many tragic incidents happening on the island.

“So many young people are turning to suicide. Too many incidents of rape. Too many homicides. We need prayer. We need to pray. Join me and my colleagues as we unite as one to pray for our country. #WeNeedPrayer.”


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  1. well indeed the country needs prayers. ( uplifting and God filled prayers off course) and not "evil prayers" i mean " chants"

    as to which side or who doing the voodoo is all left to that person, cuz voodoo and God don't mix.

    on the contrary, last election or around that time the bus load with people that just died mysteriously... no blood .. people name in cemetery with bones etc....smh sell something to get something..( the lives of people for a stupid vote).by the Grace of God not my life or my vote they gonna get...... i don't say crime doesn't exist or doesn't happen at any time but such madness ( more evil always seem to happen just around election time.).. our current prime minister come with his "en rouge" poor souls, most of us nah know what it means and so we help prime minister in his chant eh rouge en rouge....

    soon enough when the voodoo , lodge, witch conference whatever nah work they may seek illuminati which off course will not work either...


    on the other hand, i am not for any color red, blue, yellow green, tooo much division.... and they seem to be spinning in mud, spitting in the eyes of saint lucians and calling it rain . i support good leaders. and from where i am standing some of them politicians bring out good points but i'm still awaiting the " good leader' lead by example.


  2. I will tell you what the real voodoo is.

    The real voodoo is the TWO PARTY SYSTEM that automatically DIVIDES the nation and creates war. This is not a system that is present in peaceful indigenous societies. It is a backward, warlike mentality that creates this kind of system.

    When you have a party system with colors etc, you have people come to support parties like football teams. This creates hate between the sides. It is no longer about policies and who would really benefit the nation, but about cliques and clubs and belonging. This can never benefit the nation.

    We need to look into other forms of governance. Especially looking into the ones that were prevalent in pre-colonial Africa, because these were EFFECTIVE. in many societies before European conquest there was zero crime. ZERO. Governance served the people and brought them together, instead of dividing neighbour against neighbour.

    From the leaders of the nation engage in slander against each other, trying to tarnish the other people's names and characters, we know we have lost our true spiritual core. If we truly want what is best for the nation, we should not split it in half to create one neverending argument.


  3. Wow and that's the caliber of persons wanting to lead my country....mate has lost it...I am a born again believer and I know evil exist but to speak foolishness like this about a party that has clearly stabilized the economy of this country is madness Guy Joseph and pure desperation


  4. Lucian's don't pretend that voodoo does not exist. What are we paying for now? Please don't make the same mistake of voting SLP in again. There will be more blood.


  5. St. Lucia has been going down ever since people become Yankee. Let's go back to the customs of the British that's what Compton followed and we thrived. This Wicca, skull & bones religion its what America uses to sacrifice people for their own ambitions. Ever since these institutes came it's just a bad rep for the island. Mr. Joseph speak on it don't choke on it...our lives and the well being of the island matters. If the 1% gains control the people will suffer. Burn down these damn Wicca schools and go back to praying.


    • It is evident you have no idea what you are talking about.

      The British have plenty of secret societies in which blood sacrifices and other red powers are used to gain control. So does every single nation, probably. This is worldwide.

      Indigenous African faiths, which have been around countless millennia before Christianity, have different types. Some with regressive magic (as in blood sacrifices etc) and some with progressive. Obeah and Myal are said to have come from Ghana, from the obayifo (witches, both male and female, who practice magic to bring forth their desires) and the okomfo (who worship the supreme God and seek to serve It through benevolence). Both of these elements can be found in the Christian Bible. In the OT in particular you have God and God's people slaughtering many many people and using magic tricks akin to Obeah and other practices, to advance their 'chosen nation'. This is actually in opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ, which are more like the Myal or the okomfo, which seek to benefit ALL rather than a select person, nation etc.

      Christianity, by the way, has been present in Africa much longer than it has been in Europe, particularly in Ethiopia, which you will know if you know the Bible. The Europeans did not bring Christianity to Africa, they brought bastardized Christianity to Africa that calls slave ships Jesus and justifies rape, torture, murder and grand larceny for economic reasons. The British were deeply and heavily involved in this and still have not made amends.

      That is who you would like to follow?


  6. Information is the key and there is know better place to educate but a political platform. Skulls & bones, Wicca it's what ruling the world. Listen to what Guy is saying, try and understand him. In order for us to progress we need to get rid of all occultic symbols. We ARE being sacrificed, our land is being sold. People pay attention to the outsiders and not each other. Kuddos Mr. Joseph for speaking on the facts. Things will fall in place when all symbols, schools and vodoo priests who come to take our light has left the island. "The Land, The People & The light" that's us!


    • So, are you contending that the power of the devil is greater than that of God? The country is supposed to be "a Christian country." So, the few who may engage in these esoteric practices wield so much power over the "Christian society" that they are able to determine which party form the government? So, Guy is not a praying Christian then. Remember, the prayer of one Christian "availeth much". So, voodoo has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

      If anything, the Bible (which you seem to adhere to) says it is God who sets up governments and takes them down. Full Stop!


    • You are so right, get all these Haitians and Kenny out of the country and then St Lucia will be at peace again.


  7. And there was me thinking Guy was about to list some of his policies if he is re-elected!

    I fooled myself into believing it won't be the usual tic for tac, name calling and insults.

    Both SLP and UWP please try and be true Politicians (Political parties), representatives of your constituents.

    Rather than this same old back yard, papishow, Jerry Springer entertainment.

    Stop taking our lives and livelihoods as a joke. Have some respect for your EMPLOYERS.

    Some of the electorate are encouraging it as well. With their applauses etc. egging these guys to talk rubbish.


  8. Demons are physically present and take on the form of human beings just like anyone of us. Their words and actions help us identify them.


    • That kind of thinking leads to stoning people and burning people at the stake and child abuse. I would be extremely careful with saying that kind of thing.


  9. If this gathering of prayer takes place then we can say that the voodoo is now in full effect because is the ones who gather to pray for us are the ones we should be worried about........


  10. Yes yes Guy. There's voodoo and chehn bois in politics. You will be the first political bolom to be cast out with ti Croix.


  11. People are so so so so so stupid.

    I bet some of you go to church and talk, about the devil and all his evil doings and will sit here and say evil doesnt exist.

    1997 elections in the constituency of choiseul, my aunt who worked at one of the voting sites found a large size glass bottle with a human bone in a solution with an evil "prayer" attached to it.

    This is just one of many incidents. lets not pretend.

    2011 elections numerous customs officers report an increase of haitians entering the island with "obeah" paraphernalia in their suitcases. This was discussed on talk shows and in the papers but you guys dare suggest that this is not a thing.

    St. Lucians are dumb as hell some times. American politics is laced with evil....having evil organizations like " Skull n bone " at the forefront of elections but its just so hard to believe that such a thing exists.

    Then same time tomorrow yall will tell me to pray for so and so and miracles can happen and that we must believe in the unseen -___-. But will also tell me only good happens in the unseen realm. How very very ignorant and lacking in consciousness we can be some times....


    • What's the point of going on a political platform to talk about things most already know!

      Satan is walking the earth and amongst us.

      What Guy should be talking about is his future policies which he'd like to implement if he's voted in.

      Not necessarily past policies or achievements but his FUTURE POLICIES if re-elected.

      Leave the evil doings (both parties) for the rum shop.

      We want to know how he intends to change things in his constituency and St.Lucia as a whole.


  12. If he was a man of god he would not be afraid. Where are the facts to support your claim ? Stop your voodoo politics. That shouldn't be your role.


    • He aint afraid thats why he is addressing the issue , who to be afraid is the citizens that are being sacrificed .


  13. What is so surprising about evil being practiced by this administration? Are we forgetting that this same Prime Minister once took out prayers before parliament seating? Now if bringing it back is for political reasons only, we are sucked in St Lucia. This man need to show us that his soul is spiritual but it is moving in the opposite direction.


  14. guy is losing it now. he knows he will take a solid whipping that he is already making an excuse for him losing.


  15. I am not too concerned about voodoo because all of you (or rather most of you) are involved. Look, how many of you guys are in Lodge? Same difference (voodoo/lodge). What I am interested in are your policies.


    • What planet you living on for you to say Voodooo and Lodge are the same thing.

      There's a difference.


  16. Yes, dont try and pretend that voodoo does not exist in St.Lucia. Ask them about the witches gathering at his house.


  17. People always talk this nonsense about evil doesn't exist. But yet still they believe in prayer. So prayer can manifest but evil doesn't? Open your eyes. This country has been running rampant with visits from Haitians. Never forget that the current prime minister is married to someone who practices "Wicca". His wife was not allowed to visit his dying mother because she knew of her dabblings with evil energy. Its very real.


  18. So you are also stating that Sir John who stayed in Office for so long "did" partake in voodoo. Lol.
    Yeah that makes sense to the illiterates to whom you are addressing.

    This 'guy' is literally throwing Sir John Compton under the bus. Lol

    Talking about a loser who can't even tell us what to expect from his party if elected.


  19. Seriously.... Talking about Voodoo on the political platform no wonder things never get better in St.Lucia.