Three ‘strong female candidates’ for Castries basin – Chastanet

Three ‘strong female candidates’ for Castries basin – Chastanet
Left to right: Sarah Flood- Beaubrun, Castries South candidate Mary Isaac and Castries East candidate Fortuna Belrose.
Left to right: Sarah Flood- Beaubrun, Castries South candidate Mary Isaac and Castries East candidate Fortuna Belrose.
Left to right: Sarah Flood- Beaubrun, Castries South candidate Mary Isaac and Castries East candidate Fortuna Belrose.

Three very strong women will be contesting seats in the Castries basin on behalf of the United Workers Party (UWP) at the next general election, Political leader Allen Chastanet has said.

Chastanet was referring to Castries Central candidate, Sarah Flood- Beaubrun, Castries South candidate, Mary Isaac, and Castries East candidate, Fortuna Belrose, stating that are all incredible women.

The former Tourism Minister declared that all three female candidates have unique backgrounds and have done exceptionally well in serving the people of Saint Lucia at various capacities in the past.

He said the inclusion of more women to the party will create a gender balance, and will also bring about a certain balance to the Cabinet if the UWP is elected to office following the next general election.

“When I heard an interview done by six of the women that are on the cabinet for Canada, one of the things that they said that was encouraging and affected me is that for their entire life as a woman, they have always been on boards where they were the minority and that for the first time they were on a board that they were equals.”

Chastanet said he believes that Saint Lucia has some “incredibly strong” women and in fact they are the ones who excel the most in society, which is evident throughout the island.

While encouraging more women to join local politics, the UWP leader also revealed that there is a possibility that one more female could be joining the party’s list of candidates to contest the next election.

The UWP, he said, plans to name very soon the two remaining candidates for Dennery North and Vieux Fort North.


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  1. At this point we would like to to thank the Hon. Philip J. Pierre, Stanley Felix and Robert Lewis and the SLP for all the footpaths, drains, patching of pot holes and temporary employment opportunities you provided for the residents of the Castries basin and environs. Your efforts though small based on the length of your stewardship in office will be appreciated by those who benefited from your favoritism. However the Castries Basin will be seeking a change in representation this coming election so as to address our concerns: Safety & Security, Stable Jobs, Transparency and Accountability in Government, Proper/Affordable Housing, Care for the homeless who have made our capital city their homes, Cleanliness of our City and its environs, the High cost of living, our VAT Burden , our many children who are about to leave school need opportunities and avenues for advancement. These concerns we believe are pertinent to the progress of our constituencies. Our women by their very nature are very caring, loving beings, we believe that are constituencies need that type of nurturing. Thank you once again for your efforts. However, Change is Coming!!


  2. Haaaaaa Ray Charles..Look licks eeeee in Castries East. I have a good feeling about these three ladies in castries. It was about time. I CAN FEEL IT. Good Vibe!!


  3. @Joe. You are 100% right. SLP is a bunch of lawyers. UWP has a leader who is a business man.
    What I would like to see, is when Chastenet becomes prime minister, that he refuses any salary as he got sufficient money.



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  5. At least one of these strong women will try to undermine Chastanet for the leadership of the Party. Wait and see as the writing is on the wall.


  6. without being bias. Tha's the best three women to evet simultaneously run in the castries basin. And guess what, "All three will win."


  7. As a man I'm proud that we have a political organization that is willing to give so many women opportunities that have traditionally been reserved for men. I'm also proud of these three women who have served their country with distinction and who have all shown genuine concern for common people, unlike Stanley, and Hillaire, and even complacent Phillip J Pierre( Mr Darkers) who only mingle with common folks around election time or because of the need for votes. Can you imagine the PM telling the then Minister Sarah Flood that her concern for the mentally disabled is not warranted because they don't vote. We definitely need strong women to help ensure that all are treated fairly and to help balance things out.


  8. aye. I like that. Kenny doh like women in power.. watch emma and alice in wonderful.


  9. Excellent as the contribution of serious women is really necessary to good governance. Particularly Sarah who has showed her metal in defining what she stands for. Was prepared to sacrifice her ministerial and parliamentary positions for what she stood for. Sarah stood up against Kenny Anthony.
    Mary Issac too has shown her no nonsense approach and stamina towards delivering on what she promises. Whilst her male Union counterparts wilted she showed Kenny Anthony woman determination and power.

    SAD BUT TRUE you obviously have not heard or read about the governance of renowned women such as Golda Meir and of course the iron lady Margaret Thatcher. For your information they were STRONG women. angel murkle is a strong women leading one of the more powerful European nations.


  10. The UWP has to be extremely proud of it's self not for only bringing in a record number of women on it's slate of candidates but most importantly the caliber of women. This is unprecedented in the history of politics in st.lucia.
    This is four four for and maybe one more to come, unbelievable. St.Lucian women should be proud and take full advantage of that mandate. Woman power on a golden platter.


  11. How comes they are coined 'strong?" Aren't women suppose to be soft. tender, feminine and not to be scared of showing their vulnerabilities?
    I don't see anyone refer to European women as "Strong."

    Are the males in the "Yellow Party" so effeminate, that the women in their camp are showing masculine Characteristics?

    Anyway, thanks for Another Laugh! 🙂


    • You deserve a billion down arrows for that stupid comment.
      You want to come in 2016 and criticize people for referring to women as strong just for criticizing sake because you are a SLP supporter.
      That's how delusional you are ?

      You need JESUS and deliverance because everyday is pure crap you post.

      But what happen to you these days, you no longer sign Sad-But-True after your delusional posts?
      It was kinda stupid anyway.


  12. If only we could have Dr Morella Joseph Jn. Baptiste for VFort South, that would have completed the equation.


  13. In all seriousness, I see two (Fortuna and Mary) getting a serious whipping from the incumbents while Sarah is not 100% sure she will win ( I say so because I really dislike SLP's nominee for central).



    Promising the people a soup kitchen in Marchand really? If that's how this CRAZY thing she gonna sit up in government house she better WHEEL AND NEVER COME AGAIN.

    Sarah and Mary are BIG POLITICAL OPPORTUNIST !! ... We don't even know what really happed Petteron Francis.



    • Do you not know what a soup kitchen is?? Look up the benefits of a soup kitchen before you criticize the idea. After you have done your research seek to educate others on the idea.


    • Hahahahaha..........Belrose not strong. Sarah and Mary are opportunist...and you doh want Kenny?? SO WHAT DO YOU WANT??


  15. Good point. Each of these women are fighters and if the other two have the same attitude of Sarah in government then all resourses will be maximized to the benefit of St Lucians.
    For too long St Lucians have only been getting a fraction of the benefits of their taxes and money borrowed in their names.
    Suicides rapes and murders plus unemployment are an indication of an alleged incompetent and corrupt government in St Lucia today.
    These women will bring a better quality of life to our suffering people.


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