“We have serial rapists at large” – PM says offenders are often protected by society

“We have serial rapists at large” – PM says offenders are often protected by society
PM Anthony

Dr-Kenny-AnthonyPrime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony said the increased reports of rape across the island is a worrying trend, but pointed out that this issue runs deeper than a security issue.

He said for too long “we have been silent about sexual violence in our homes and our communities”. He said in many instances, persons know there are fathers, uncles, stepfathers and others who commit deviant sexual acts in homes and communities and nothing is said or done.

“Quite often the perpetrators are protected. These unreported cases lead to an even greater problem in our society, where these men grow to believe that this is acceptable behaviour. We need to tackle the problems at the root,” he said in a press release.

In response to an increase in reports of rape earlier this year, Dr. Anthony says he had recommended to Acting Commissioner, Errol Alexander, that a special unit be established within the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to investigate rape cases and to also build a database that stores DNA evidence to determine whether some of these cases are being committed by repeat offenders.

“We have serial rapists at large,” he says.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that the intended reopening of the Forensic Laboratory, under new management would better assist police in conducting investigations and testing DNA samples.

He stressed, however, that the first, most important response is that people report known sex offenders.


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    I believe the remarks of the Honourable Prime Minister are genuine and are truly expressive of how the nation and people of Saint Lucia feel and the things they say about the latest in the catalogue of scurvy and vile crimes that have latched onto Saint Lucians over the years. A closer look at the picture of the Prime Minister will show that he looks strangulated because of strong emotion and grief. Despite bearing the character of a noble mien, surprisingly, he is lambasted for declaring a truth that some Saint Lucians have been sweeping under the carpet for years, yet never goes away. Instead of all Saint Lucians dealing with the unavoidable issues that surround the latest in a wave of dirty and detestable crimes, and working to save our island and our people’s dignity, honour and reputation from further loss, some political affiliates prefer to respond by turning to insinuation by artful means. They have chosen to do so mainly by diverting their main focus and attention towards the semantics that pertain to the Prime Minister’s statements rather than on the negative impact of the caitiff crime of Gerontophilia that was recently committed in Saint Lucia by a wretched Saint Lucian. They have opted for spinning the current situation and politicising the Honourable’s remarks for political gain and using them as subterfuge for pursuing political party interest. Rather than focussing on the grief all respectable Saint Lucians feel at present, including the Honourable Prime Minister. This is the best opportunity for Saint Lucians to place artifices and expedients aside and use their time to identify and recommend workable solutions that are capable of ensuring those who have suffered, are suffering, and those who are still experiencing loss, pain, sadness and sorrow, that the criminals will be found and punished and that their fellow Saint Lucians would be protected from occurrence of all such pitiful crime in the future. Those who criticise rather than empathise during this most difficult and trying time for Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians must give up their old divisive strategy and begin paying homage to the commitments of fellow Saint Lucians. What better way is there to helping prevent the crime of Gerontophilia happening again in the Motherland. Sadly, those Saint Lucians who are insensitive to the pressure and pain the Prime Minister is under make life and death issues that concern their own Saint Lucian kinsfolk seem like items that are listed in a political party’s manifesto during general election campaigns. They address the sentiments expressed by the Honourable Prime Minister of Saint Lucia in the same way accusations are levelled at politicians on platforms at public meeting that are held by political parties that oppose each other. If so be the case, then how could the enraged victims of such a heinous crime as Gerontophilia ever get the vengeance and justice that they deserve? How would freewheeling criminals and blatant criminal activity in Saint Lucia ever get caught and under control when the criminals are always inadvertently protected by the cunnings of subtle Saint Lucian political party ideologues who are the first to shout “ARREST THEM”…”HANG THE BASTARDS” when news of a new low-life and abject crime is first announced or published?


  2. Being a Roman Catholic I was taught that all sins are not the same and some are much more serious than others. For example murder is worse than lying. I can understand that easily cause in my mind that's how I see it. However I used to hear others (not of the same faith) say all "sin is sin" and none is worse than the other.
    However I have never heard someone say all "crime is crime".
    As government and law enforcement there are two perspectives to tackling crime; prevention and justice. Some crimes are much more horrendous than others (rape and murder).
    You try as much as you can to minimize it but in the instances where you have failed to prevent it you cannot fail in administering justice. Justice cannot be withheld because you have failed to prevent.
    A wise man knows how to disentangle problems if necessary to solve it in parts when it cannot be solved all at once and all at the same time.


  3. Se par ne se tu ez e par kie ne vole. The hypocrisy is everywhere but certainly needs to stop, because it breeds more rapists.


  4. The prime minister must be very careful with the information he lets out of his mouth. Our society is already incensed with and traumatized by the incidence of rape. Thus he must tell us truthfully: (1) Does Saint Lucia really have serial rapists on the loose? (2) Does he care to say which agency or social scientist conducted the research and advised him on that subject? (3) Does he know that by making this statement which appears to be unfounded he is in fact unwittingly creating an alarm? A people who is alarmed can not be productive!


    • The PM has more information at his fingertips than you or I, and for him to say, ”There are serial rapists at large”, he is giving credence to what other people have been expressing. What concerned me is that the police or politicians had not alerted the public sooner so that people would be more vigilant.


      • Well he did not speak like someone who has credible information at hand. You have been misguided by what you heard from him. The statement lacks credibility. If he had any he would have made it clearer. He is an academic who is supposed to speak clearly. Perhaps he sensed the people's outrage on the subject.


        • I know of a similar rape case of women within the Castries environs that has not been publicized in the media. There may also be others. I think the public would want to know how many of these rapes were committed by the group recently caught, and are there other groups or individuals at large? There are other incidents of rape around the island - are they linked? These incidents are MEN TARGETING WOMEN and BREAKING INTO THEIR HOMES and raping them whilst they are asleep in their beds!

          When people hear the word rape they may think of the act of violation but fail to think of the personal cost to the victim and her/his family.
          Females after violation are further subjected to much mediation: to prevent pregnancies, or have to go through abortions, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, to prevent HIV, hepatitis C, and to deal with these physical and psychological traumas, and may need long term counseling. These services are costly to the victim, the victim’s family and society. The violation of rape is life changing. It leaves the victim with a sentence of potential fatal diseases, as well as physical and psychological scarring. Notwithstanding the personal cost of trying to recover by putting on hold work, studies, the list goes on.

          I would like the PM to go further and change the laws that make rape seem as a stroll in a park. Stiffer laws must be passed to reflect the life changing consequences that the victim has to endure

          I am not misguided. I have to contend with the pieces of lives shattered by rape - SERIOUS!


  5. This is the last person I would expect to hear lament on that rape issue. There may be 2 serial rapist watching you everyday at work. Anyway, I believe these release is an attempt to divert the public's attention from the Saudi Walid Juffali/St Lucia issue in the English Newspaper, which may have an impact on our tourism industry. Please SNO let us know about it. I am choking in the scent of a rat.


  6. Mr pm you are indeed a serial rapist to our little island called st Lucia. You and your party keep rapist us mentally on a daily basis. No matter how much we cry rape our cries go unheard. Now tell me when u have put so many restrictions on our already lazy police force. What were you expecting the outcome to be. And finally Mr pm. We as a st Lucian nation does not keep quiet when such crimes occur im our communities. We do speak out but the police force would give 100 excuses as to why they can't come or arrest any one. Don't bother calling social services because we have just been witnesses to their incompetence.


  7. What the prime minister needs to do is put a policy in place to have a sex offender registry implemented. That is a good place to start and it begins with him. Just making recommendations to the RSLPF is not all. What is he himself doing?


  8. Mr PM you such a hypocrite! But one thing you got right - Some are protected by SOCIETY and some are protected by THOSE IN AUTHOURITY! Remember the uproar over the sex offender's register? Because it came about when a relative of a politician was arrested in the USA for molesting a child and that relative was free to be in our midst! So all the hoopla about not wanting a registry was yes, you are correct to protect a molester!! Deux ban hypocrite!


  9. This idiot of a leader is so out of touch.... when will you fix the damn crime lab have it up and running there has been many a crimes going on in the damn country its time your ass wake up and start getting the ball rolling because folks are fed up ......


  10. Really Kenny? So how come you appointed one of the biggest rapist as Speaker of the House? Will and come again...


    • Are you kidding me, why is it that we always politicise everything? A number of unsavery acts have occurred against women in this country and the PM is addressing theis evil and you are making dame statementslike that. The question I need to ask you is this, do you know everything about the person you work with or you may have included in your circle? The answer is no! You should be happy that he condems these acts.


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