“We have created some monsters” Minister Reynolds says in response to recent homicides

“We have created some monsters” Minister Reynolds says in response to recent homicides
Minister Alvina Reynolds
Minister Alvina Reynolds

Two of the most recent homicides have rocked the nation and sparked several discussions about the need to improve security and reduce any chances of this happening again.

But Human Services Minister Alvina Reynolds has a different view and has offered some advise to the citizenry in this regard.

The minister said Saint Lucian men and boys needs to be thought how to respect women and human life.

The minister said for too long, things just go through the motions and it is time that people take these issue very seriously.

“There is a crime against a woman, they want leaders and speak and we go back to sleep. I am saying to mothers and fathers, that we have created some monsters in this country and these chickens are coming home to roost,” she stated.

Reynolds was referring to the gruesome deaths of 59-year old Samdai Fraser, who was found lying face-down in a pool of blood, with a rope around her neck and plastic bag around her mouth on Monday, July 20 in Vieux Fort, and 32-year-old Yana Auguste whose semi-nude body was discovered on a beach in Soufriere on Sunday, July 12.

“What would make any person go to do that to a young lady, a hard worker, driving her own car? The lady down from Vieux Fort was a good woman from what I understand, who produced a police officer and is a church member. What would make someone enter her home and take her life in that horrible manner?” the minister questioned.

Reynolds said crime prevention is not only the business of the police, but it starts at the home. She said this lesson should continue into the church and in schools. “We have to continue to teach our men to respect women, respect life and respect each other,” she asserted.

“I understand sometimes there is gang violence, where people don’t get along. But when you step out and go into somebody’s personal space, in their car and home, and take their life, you are looking at a very serious situation,” Reynolds added.

The minister said she is disturbed by the level of violence perpetrated against women across Saint Lucia.

There have been reports that at least seven women have been raped so far this year.


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  1. The learned Minister should be slow to make such bold statements in the absence of evidence. Is there reason to suspect that a man has killed this woman? If so it should be shared with the public so we may know of the context in which the minister speaks.

    At the same time there was an incident where a man was stabbed by a lady. This incident has since fallen by the way side, there was only one report on it and nothing since.

    Maybe the Minister should be encouraging citizens to refrain from violence against one another generally and not placing the blame on one gender of the other.


  2. Ms Reynolds. Every time a gruesome crime happens we here you ministers talk. You investigate, extend condolences and might even attend funerals. But just like the victims everything goes dead in a month or two. My first recollection of a murder was that of Mary Ratcliffe I was very young then and I do not think that crime was ever solved. From then till now how many of these heinous crimes have been solved. The criminals view the government, police and public as a laughing stock knowing they will get away with the crime. They are not scared. The lab still is not functional. The police themselves contaminate evidence lack of knowledge. And we all have a liaise a faire attitude. When a gunman feel confident to open fire daytime you know the country in trouble. But all you want do is talk. The Vieux Fort lady might get some justice cause she is a policeman mother. But what about the rest you only mentioned two. What about the forgotten who talking for them. Your talk is cheap.


  3. We have some female gangsters who have in one way or another committed some serious crimes with their male gangster associates . So don't blame just men ! What ever happen to yhe good Guardas, who are in St Lucia what happen to the spirit finders and strong faith persons I am sure they're seeing the killers in their sleep . People start to talk not only for money but for survival of this nation !
    Stop the killing because someone might know you or have seen you do something illegal stop it for your life will never be the same . Churches start the walks in the community early nnotning to cast out the evil that has taken our young women and men's minds . Call all church's ! Not just catholic but all the pastors that driving the expensive cars stop depending on the stolen goods to get ahead yes you Mr Pastor from Garrand . But next time you go looking for any transmission under someone's house ask to see the man of the house first . Then your lost sheep will know exactly what wolf you are in sheep's panty !


  4. The long term remedy is the reeducation of the masses. What is crucial at this time is a short term solution and to achieve that we the people must muster the courage to turn the criminals in by providing necessary information to the authorities. It can be done anonymously. The police should work with the public to devise ways to provide incriminating information whilst remaining absolutely very anonymous.


  5. The operative word is NOT 'created'. The word is BIRTHED. Those beasts came out of somebody, from somewhere. They may be even have been donated sperm by a 'village ram' who cannot fend for himself today even as was not able to fend for himself then.


  6. Start somewhere!

    See those little babies; see those young, young children in the midst of carnival; early morning rum jump: go back take a look at the pictures; this time just focus on the children...

    Train up a child ..................GOD is awaiting anyone who is willing to allow HIM to lead their mind.

    Do not be ashamed: the only one ..... "JESUS"


    • Start somewhere. There are many atheists who bring up children to be healthy, moral humanitarians. Their guiding principle is not, ‘do as I say and not as I do.’ They are governed by their principles and teach their children likewise. Start somewhere, begins with education and good nurturing.


  7. The fact is not the police it is the way we bring up our children at home where the kids live the police are not at our home nor the teachers the politicians we the parents are. We the parents are the one who must the instill the discipline in them. We are to quick to pass the blame on to others. But then again what do we expect when we have children making children.


  8. Well when your PM put the police force in disarray and the criminals are aware that police morale is low and that the police are afraid to act for fear of being punished by Kenny what do you expect? I am happy you admitted that y'all created the monsters! Now get rid of that minister of national security and let the police do their work without from Kenny and his cronies


  9. "We" have created these monsters! Diffusing the blame for such heinous behavior is a cop out. The finger needs to be pointed at the parents of these monsters for their poor skills. I can't imagine a student beating his books at nights in a poor community like Morne du Don, and held responsible for such violent behaviors. Further, I can't picture the blame being placed on all those unemployed youth who never break the laws...respect to everyone of them. We need to identify the problem correctly before we can fix it.

    In St. Lucian society there is a generation of parents who impart poor values to their brood. Add to that, a low rate of police detection and apprehension. Voila!. You have the root of a problem. Mix lots of unemployment and hence lies a major problem. Many of our problem criminals were identified while in school as potential deviants. Are there sufficient laws making parents much more responsible for their children? These generic statements are pap.


  10. What do you expect when police officers who suppose to protect us are criminals while the country has been plagued with so many homicides.Who knows that,there might be POPO engaging in these rapes compared to thee other section of the society?


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