We could never be too careful – Acting PM on terrorism

We could never be too careful – Acting PM on terrorism
Acting Prime Minister Phillip J. Pierre.
Acting Prime Minister Phillip J. Pierre.

In light of the increase acts of terrorism around the world, the Caribbean has been warned to be careful as it could be a target for the terrorists.

Saint Lucia’s Acting Prime Minister Phillip J Pierre has said that terrorism is a global problem and the Caribbean could never be too careful, because it is something that is quickly spreading.

“There are threats throughout the world. It is a global threat and no place is speared,” J Pierre said.

There have also been reports that the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) is recruiting Caribbean nationals.

It was recently confirmed that there are now 89 Trinidad and Tobago nationals—including families—known to that government who have joined ISIS in the last three plus years.

This is the most up to date figure on the situation which was given by the T&T government on Saturday (Nov.14), shortly after the deadly terrorist attacks on Paris.

Trinidad’s government recently started a campaign focused on helping young people in low-income communities to resist the appeal of ISIS and other overseas militant groups.

In neighboring Guyana, Islamic officials are also warning young Muslims to resist temptation to become radicalized. So far, they say, there is no evidence of Guyanese enlisting as foreign fighters with ISIS.

However, there have been constant reports each day that persons from the United States and other parts of the world are joining forces with ISIS. Many shocking stories have been told over the past year.

ISIS has taken full responsibility for the terrorist attacks on bars, restaurants, a concert hall and a stadium in Paris, France on Friday, November 13, which claimed the lives of 129 people.

That country has since mobilised 115,000 police, gendarmes and military over the whole national territory to insure the protection of French people.

Security has also beefed up at the local French Embassy here in St. Lucia.

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has strongly condemned the terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in Paris, while individual regional leaders have also taken a similar position.

The Kenny Anthony administration of Saint Lucia has said it was a “cowardly act”.


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  1. "We could never be too careful – Acting PM on terrorism. " Perfectly right about that one. Unfortunately, we are not taking precautions...not reducing our risks. I hope the government is observing that many countries are aligning with Iran. The Saudis are just plain bad news. It is the home of Wahhabis, Salafists, jihadists and other Takfari groups. Saudi jihadis are on battlefields all over the world where jihad is waged. This is no joke. The less influence these guys have here, the better it is for all St. Lucia. Stay away from the Saudis please.


  2. We are doomed, we have enemies all over, reports of human trafficing and money laundering. The rest of the world is watching us. We still have the Lambirds students who cannot get their monies
    how are we so sure that some are not affiliated with ISIS


  3. To the Honourable Phillip J. Pierre:
    With respect I have decided to write this short note to you,
    today you are acting as the Prime Minister of St. Lucia so I must warn
    you that the enemy may already be at the gate. I do not, and I repeat
    I do not like that secret liaison between the present Prime Minister and
    that Soudi natianal, and to further rub salt into that hurtful wound, a close
    family member to that man, have been appointed as St. Lucia's representative
    in Arabia? what the hell is going on in that government? it never bothered me too much about our close friendship to Cuba, but Venezuela?? worse yet is
    Mexico which I dread and you know why.
    The insult to our face is to secretly make deals with a liar, a fraud and a Soudi.
    I am now appealing to all decent Lucians to make their voices heard; demand
    that this Soudi fraud and relative be fired forthwith and demand their St.Lucian
    Passports be surrendered immediately. Has our P.M. lost his marbles???


    • I agree 100%. Why haven't we heard directly from Ernest Hilaire and Kenny Anthony on this matter of Juffali. It is almost as though they are saying "beat you'll ass all you want we will do what we want!" If Hilaire willingly gave up his position at IMO to facilitate this alleged scam, what was in it for him? Come on Lucians, we need answers and not a hastily put together, statement coming out of Anthony's office. Ernest Hilaire answer these questions!!!


    • Bin Laden was after a well educated, wealthy Saudi Arabia. His family were very well known and rubbed shoulders with US and UK politicians.
      We need to choose our friends carefully and certainly not accept gifts to endanger our fellow citizens.


  4. I notice that kenny anthony administration will cause the same thing that happen to paris will endup happen to us in st. lucia too, because kenny cannot go on media, to say this was a cowardly'' act, because news does spread very fast, when them terrorist hear these statements, from a prime minister of a country, that mean you looking for war, and they can attack us in st. lucia---- remember st.lucia is connected to other countries as well, we have st. lucian embasseies in other countries, and other countries have embassies here too, our prime-minister kenny anthony is trying to put st. lucia and st. lucian in trouble.


  5. Yeah! Well then, why the hell are you buying literally, a 5th column that you are creating into "an enemy within our gates"? Rich or not, Saudi people are tribal. They are naturally-endowed with oil. That makes them very rich but God damn tribal. Only oil masks their backwardness.

    Anything that is backward is what your country buck leadership embraces. Communism. Tribalism.

    SLP you guys are dumb enough and damned for selling us out for your short-term political gains. Your children and children's children will pay for your damn ignorance.


  6. The war on Isis will consume quite a bit of the world's resources. It also appears to me that they can infiltrate the Caribbean community by buying their way through, particularly in places where Citizen by Investment prevails.


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