We cannot live like prisoners (letter to the editor)

We cannot live like prisoners (letter to the editor)


Dear Editor:  I am writing this letter so that you can bring more awareness to the public, to be alert of vehicles on the road, and people in their surroundings.

I am a female driver and was followed by a green 1995 model Mitsubishi Lancer two days ago on my way home from work in the afternoon.  It was not even 5 o’ clock yet.

The vehicle was on my tail in traffic on the highway and also when I turned into the gap leading to my home.  I slowed down, the vehicle did the same.  I pulled to the side of the road and the vehicle did the same behind me.

About a minute later, the vehicle reversed and turned to go in the opposite direction.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the number plate and inside of the vehicle looked very dark so I couldn’t see inside.

I also found out that some nights ago, a friend of a colleague of mine, was driving on the main road at about 11:00 p.m., when two vehicles without number plates tried to block her on the road. One was in the front and one in the back.

These incidents are causing persons to be nervous about their surroundings. And pretty soon, persons will be taking action to protect themselves by any means necessary.

We cannot be living like prisoners in our country.

This is a cause for concern to me and other persons, not just females. I wanted the public to be aware and to be on their guard.



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  1. we all have smart phone take a pic and send it to the police and online media...sometime people know vehicles and their owners so we know what happening..


  2. Well done writer. Very good advice we all need to be more vigilant in these times.

    You were very observant


  3. The criminals are brazen these days. This week I happened to see a white couple (tourist) getting a shoe repaired in the CDC by Etchie. A group of young men stood at the corner smoking and drinking then up came a tall young man who walked past them and up to the tourists. The lady was on the outside of the apartment with her bag slung around her neck and shoulder. The young male walked up to the lady and took her bag up from around her neck while the lady struggled to hold back her bag, he threw her to the ground, at which time the husband tried to help the wife but was also thrown to the ground. He ran off with the bag. The group said or did nothing. Wish the police was close by to land a bullet in this boy. So sad.


  4. If I have sufficient leverage, I will use my vehicle as a weapon and do a 9/11 on my followers forward or backwards at maximum speed.


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