“We are not prostitutes,” says union president as teachers, students stay home

“We are not prostitutes,” says union president as teachers, students stay home
Monrose (left) speaking to teachers earlier this week

(SNO) — The Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) has sent a strong message to the government of Saint Lucia as negotiations for the 2016-2018 triennium hit a stalemate, saying teachers are not prostitutes but professionals.

The union held an emergency meeting with members on Monday with permission from the government. Teachers and students stayed away from school on Monday and Tuesday.

The Trade Union Federation, of which the SLTU is a member, last year offered a lump sum for Christmas 2018 by the government in lieu of negotiations but the SLTU rejected it.

“Why did we reject the idea of the one lump sum?” a fiery President of the SLTU, Julian Monrose, told members. “One, we are not prostitutes. We are not. We are professionals and we must be treated as such. Two, which union that is worth its salt will negotiate for Christmas. So, there isn’t life after Christmas?”

Monrose said that the Trade Union Federation submitted proposals in November 2016 to the Allen Chastanet government on the matter but since the administration was still new, time was given to adjust.

The proposals were again submitted on August 14, 2018, but there has been no word from the government.

He said teachers in Saint Lucia are frustrated.

“It is like speaking to the ministry on those things, you feel at the meeting that you are getting somewhere,” he told members of the media. “They engage you, we speak but after the meeting, that’s it. The undertaking is not carried out.”

It has been six years since teachers in Saint Lucia have received a pay raise.

Meanwhile, members of the Civil Service Association (CSA) walked silently through the streets of Castries on Monday to vent over the stalled negotiations with the government.

CSA President Cyprian Montrope told HTS News that the walk was being done because members are frustrated because conclusions to the negotiations, which should have ended in 2016, remain elusive.


“The members have rejected the concept of waiting,” he said. “They believe the time has come for government to take the unions more seriously and that we complete negotiations in the shortest possible time.”

Montrope stressed that negotiations must continue.

“Members overwhelmingly accepted the fact that negotiations must continue in a manner that it is supposed to, which is a collective agreement tha tmust be completed…” he stated.

CSA members during the ‘silent walk’



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  1. You'll always deh to talk about officers lazy. But you'll don't know half of the shit they go through. Officers should go on strike to cuz it look like the public are more knowledgeable after watching 5 seasons of CSI MIAMI. They are now skilled in law enforcement. So they should solve their own problems.


  2. Choops. Draining the blasted country. Increase Civil Servant wages, then workers from the private sector will suffer as Cost of Living increases. WTF, we all have our personal debts to pay...my suggestion to civil servants budget you'll money properly. Stop the squandering!


  3. Kenny Anthony said that the huge increases paid to public servants by the King administration was the reason his own government faced a recession. Well follow Kenny's advice and DON"T PAY.


  4. It's sad to see fellow St. Lucians fight each other so much we should be supporting each other when we fight to improve our job conditions. One day it will be your turn to fight your employer for more money and better perks and you would like to have the public support right?. The people at the top (ministers, PS, business owners) are happy when they see us tear each other down. Because that means they wont have to pay us a fair wage as people view these workers as greedy and ungrateful. While these highers up keep getting their big salary , contracts , free trips , import duty concessions on vehicles and other perks.


    • Monrose has consistently prostituted himself to the SLP. The largest increases to civil servants always comes under the UWP. The unions consistently demand little of the SLP with the hope of their leaders being rewarded. Many civil servants are not sheep and see Monrose and Montrope for the characters they are. People like Charles, Carney, Albert and Color shamelessly leveraged the politicians for their personal gain.


  5. Guy Joseph and the glamour life that government living ..that's where the raise is ..poor teachers


    • This negotiations have been going on since 2016, SLP was in power and did nothing. And as usual UWP have to clean up their saloptaaess.smh


      • I wonder who were the ones negotiating on their behalf back then, oh yes it was our now Minister of Health and Mr.Pierre. Just let that sink in.


  6. Most St Lucian hate to see their brother, sister and family survive.

    For six years they are seen the prices of Gas, food and everything going up.

    No one every complained about the fact that we are getting much less for out money than we got six years ago.

    People we do not expect to have the same money power we had six years ago, but just that we do not fall to far behind.

    People who never complained about the Government raising the price of gas, or supermarket increasing their prices everyday now want to complained.


  7. In my opinion they are over paid just like the police officers who sit on their lazy ass and do no work, hence the reason why most of them are overweight.


    • So true. Always the most lazy who want to be compensated the most. Not saying good civil servants don't exist but they are so few and far between that this constant clamour for money is undeserved. The government should give them their raise then fire all those that routinely walk into work late, sit in the staff room and not go to classes, fail to teach students properly, and always absent from work. Then and only then would they appreciate the free lunch they're now getting.


  8. That is Monrose's contribution to try to get SLP back in power. Take a hike Monrose, it won't work.


  9. You allowed the labor party to use you all as prostitues in 1997-1998 and again in 2011-2012.


    • And now, you would like UWP to continue to use us as prostitutes? Hell no! We done enough prostituting! We are taking our future into our hands now!


    • At least the Labour party showed the seriousness of the times then by cutting down on travel by all Ministers and other measures to curb expenditure. We have the current administration on a spending spree and the same Civil Servants who see all that spending spree...you are saying they cannot get an increase????


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