“We are getting mentally unstable day by day, but who cares?” – Lambirds students begging to go home

“We are getting mentally unstable day by day, but who cares?” – Lambirds students begging to go home
Lambirds Academy students meeting United Workers Party members earlier this year.
Lambirds Academy students meeting United Workers Party members earlier this year.
Lambirds Academy students meeting United Workers Party members earlier this year.

Below is a letter submitted exclusively toSt. Lucia News Online on behalf of the students who were left stranded in Saint Lucia as a result of the Lambirds Academy criminal case.

Dear Editor: Firstly, we wholeheartedly like to thank all the St. Lucians for the help, support and encouragement they have given us.

Now, after all the twist and turns in the saga, we still are stuck in St. Lucia. Nobody knows how long it will it take for the court verdicts?

Since most St. Lucians want us to go home, with or without money most of us want to go home. Now the thing is, we have produced our own tickets. We don’t want no money. Our families are facing health problems but still we are not allowed to go home.

When we go to Home Affairs, Mr. PS says he can’t do nothing to help us go back, so go to either CID or DPP. And when we go to CID or DPP they turn us around to Home Affairs. What is the relation between DPP, CID and Home Affairs, with those who left?

So now who is able to send us home? We are not even given an appointment to meet DPP or PS? Those who left were also the witness, so what is the difference between them and us? Why is the government doing this? Treating us like a criminal who is not behind bars. Why the huge amount of money from taxpayers are being spent on us when we don’t want to stay? Is government taking revenge on us because when government wanted us to send us back via IOM we didn’t want to go?

But the thing is, last time when government wanted to send us home, that time we had hope that something will happen, so we wanted to stay and see. Now since we waited for almost one year, we don’t want nothing. We have no hope about happening anything. We cannot and don’t want to spend our whole life, for only that amount of money we spent.

Those who say they will be killed if they go back home without money already reach their home, but those who wanted to go since early get stuck. And the last thing is, what happened to the inquiry government was about to conduct? In almost one year the inquiry is not finished yet? Who will send us back home and when? We all are desperately waiting the answer.

Our family members – mom, dad, brother, sister – are in serious health condition and we are not allowed to go home? Did we did crime to come to St. Lucia? If this is so, then why don’t St. Lucia say foreigners do not come St. Lucia or else you might get stuck in St. Lucia.

Also government is saying it is feeding and giving place to stay for our welfare, is it the only thing that a person need? A person don’t need his/ her family? We are getting mentally unstable day by day, but who cares, right? Give a f– to those who are at La Clery and DBS. The government is fulfilling its duty, as it is giving us food and shelter, but the mental health and the sufferings we are having is not even felt?

The opposition party is silent on this matter nowadays. They fulfilled their duty after they pay us some visit and some heart touching speech.

So please, I urge all St. Lucians and the government, please let us go back home. We are very sorry that we came to St. Lucia as students.

If we became able to earn money, then we all might come here as a tourist. Thank you all for your support and help.

On Behalf of Lambird Students


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  1. There is nothing called justice in St.Lucia. I think the government is in this up to their necks. They had the people who did this to the students in jail , what is so difficult in seizing their money and giving these poor folks their money back so they can go home.


  2. They should withdraw their complaints, so that the DPP can't legally hold them here anymore. With our legal system, it will take many more years to complete the initial verdicts and all appeals. Justice won't be served anyway. They better withdraw their complaints to go home fast, if they indeed want to go home without money and with their own tickets, as they are saying in this letter.


  3. Maybe they should apply for Citizenship (then See how fast the Authorities kick them out). Acceptance will mean they have permission to STAY and Work, Rejection means the Authorities give them permission to LEAVE. Simple, Problem Solved, NEXT.


  4. U know the truth of this matter is this and whether we like it or not, these students can be given two options: one is to allow them to find work for their upkeep and that would mean to allow them to reside here without them being housed en-masse in that situation; a working visa/ work permit whatever. it can be done on humanitarian grounds, we are party to a no. of international agreements that can allow for this resettlement. two: allow them to go home.
    As usual there is no justice. The mastermind has been set free in the banana republic we call st. lucia. And that is the sad part of this story.


  5. Please let them go. They have produced their own tickets and they were scammed. Only humane thing is to let them go to their families. There's no reason to keep them any longer.


  6. It's shameful the way the St. Lucian authorities handled this matter. These poor students are left sitting here in limbo.


  7. ..."Getting Mentally Unstable?"Now that's deep!!............... Take another good look at these students faces. I for one feel their pain.....Any rich folks wanna sponsor them tickets to go home? We all should put ourselves in their shoes or most of you out there who have victims of scams (ME) ..would understand what they are going through.


  8. Simple if they are begging to go home the DPP can make some agreement Lambird . Refund the students their money and drop their charges against them.


  9. Does anyone know what mental frustration can do to someone. Those people are pleading to get out of this country to go back home and their cries are falling on death ears. In st Lucia to get a reaction you need to react in stead of speaking. They should just go ahead get some guns go on a killing spree or better yet get recruited by isis see how fast they will be sent home. Do youll know what its like to be stuck in another country. Plus to go back home broke its not a laughing matter especially coming from those countries. Whatever happened to their money.
    The judicial system is crap its all about being well connected to get things done. Dr sham or whatever his name is was acquitted because upper class people allegdely involved in that scandal had to be protected.


  10. I really don't understand why the government should be responsible to purchase return tickets for those students...does it say so anywhere in the law?
    if I were in their shoes id be writing letters to all airlines seeking sponsorship on tickets to my country


    • As far as I could see, in the third paragraph the article reads "we have produced our own tickets. We don’t want no money."
      I believe it's a case of them getting permission to leave the island.


    • As if I read in the above letter that they have produced their own return tickets. Let me double check, maybe I'm wrong.


    • Please read carefully, they are saying that they already purchased their own ticket. They don't want their money back. The police is keeping them hostage here. They simply want to be allowed to return home.


  11. Warning recirved loud and clear.
    I'm guessing that because you guys are becoming mentally unstable you can not be held accountable for your future actions.
    But seriously Thank you for the warning.


    • Oh shut the hell up, there is a point in these letter whether or not we were on the side of those students.


  12. That is what all Gov Dept excel at.
    Those of us who have been on that dance know exactly what these students are facing.
    On that point they do not lie.
    Civil Servants always know who to do the job and is not them.


  13. Did they say "getting" mentally unstable?

    The reason they're their current position is because they were already mentally unstable, and were easily taken in by the promises of crooks, half-way around the globe!


  14. That letter does not read right and stinks of an agenda. Can we please let them go so they cannot be used as a handicap for the government and the ppl of St Lucia and ammunition for the opposition!!


    • Because it is an election season every article has to be politically-motivated? Even innocent media people and media houses are being attacked and labelled Opposition supporters. SMH. This sounds like desperation. Not every article is politically motivated. THE UWP decides to hold daily press conferences, so what? Don't you expect the media to cover them? What if SLP holds daily press conferences, shouldn't the media cover all of them too?


    • What has happened to this country? We used to be a kind, generous and loving people. Have some compassion and empathy for these people. It wasn't their fault. They have been badly wronged far from home and we should stand with them. In every country we go to study, we are allowed to work. I worked whilst I was in the States and nobody hated upon me. Let them work 20 hours a week to support themselves and keep occupied. We are a Christian nation and we need to show our ingrained goodness and charity.


      • They are not asking for work, they want to go home back to their families. They bought their own ticket. For God's sake DPP, don't keep them hostage here anymore, let them go home.


    • Keep in mind that they have are complaining of the opposition's neglect of their plight since their only solemn lecture.


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