Water therapy for children living with disabilities


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The St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association (SLBWA) will this week officially launch a water therapy programme for children living with disabilities.

According to the SLBWA, it has been proven that sports and water therapy are among the most effective tools for rehabilitation and education of children with severe physical and mental disabilities.

The programme is catered to blind and visually-impaired children, as well as those with other physical disabilities. It will launch on Wednesday at the Rodney Heights Aquatic Centre.

“SLBWA and its partners are extremely grateful to the management of Rodney Heights Aquatic Centre for allowing us to use their facility gratis.  This valuable contribution is indicative of their understanding and support for the principle of inclusion,” a press release from the association stated.

The Blind Welfare Association will also launch a news letter – “The Eye Opener,” to run quarterly.

“This will be a source on matters regarding prevention of blindness, vision impairment, promoting sight restoration through quality eye health and mitigate the impact of numerous challenges affecting persons whose sight cannot be restored,” the press release said.

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