Water supply restored in Micoud three days after dead fishes found in watershed

Water supply restored in Micoud three days after dead fishes found in watershed

water-tap2PRESS RELEASE – The Water & Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) wishes to inform the residents of Micoud and environs that their supply of water was restored at around midday today, Sunday October 18, 2015.

The restoration followed elaborate cleaning and flushing of the treatment plant, reinstatement of the fish monitoring pond and fish, the monitoring of the fish in the pond for several hours, and the continual testing of the raw water as well as the treated water, in order to have been fully satisfied that all the necessary indicators were met before distributing the water to consumers.

WASCO will continue to monitor the water supply closely, as it does with all of its other systems to ensure the supply of water remains safe.

WASCO reminds the public that the use of any poisonous substances to harvest fish and crayfish for sale is a very dangerous practice which compromises the supply of water and the lives of people, and should be stopped.

It also calls on anyone who has information relating to such practices, to report it to the Police, the Water Resource Management Agency, the Environmental Health Department or WASCO.


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  1. Those persons who are involved in the harvesting of fresh water fish/crawfish must be identified and dealt with by the police before a calamity involving poisoning of people
    By the way people who are involved in selling food must not and should not purchase crawfish, crabs,welkes (brego) which are already dead, anyone buying these items already dead are the ones encouraging this activity. Surely l personally will not consume any fresh water fish at the Jounen Krewol activity.


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