Water service interruptions notice issued for southern communities

Water service interruptions notice issued for southern communities


PRESS RELEASE – The Water and Sewerage Company Inc (Wasco) wishes to advise it customers of interruptions in the following systems due to the inclement weather:

Grace – high turbidity

Beausejour – clogged intake

Ruby river source – high turbidity

Canaries – high turbidity

Dennery – high turbidity

Aux Leon – Damaged main

Belle Vue – Clogged intake

Desruisseaux – Clogged intake and damaged main

Micoud – Clogged intake

Patience – Clogged intake

Delcer – Clogged intake

Water supply will be restored as soon as water quality improves and works are completed at intakes; as long as weather conditions remain fair.

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc (WASCO) apologizes for any inconvenience this may caused.


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  1. Enough is enough,I totally agree with the previous comment, Wasco needs to get their act together.The tax payers should not be subsidizing a bad service.By the way there is no water in Blackbay as usual.


  2. that little bit of rain and all that happen. When a hurricane hits how will WASCO deal with this


  3. This is really BS from WASCO. We just went through a very dry spell which resulted in water shortages now we have the rains the systems are clogged etc. Why cant WASCO have some systems in place where they make sure the water-way to the intake is sufficiently maintained that it would take some time for the system to become clogged. In this day and age what is preventing WASCO from building storage facilities at each water source that could supply each area for at least five days.
    I believe we accept too much crap from WASCO. The consumer pays a monthly bill water or not so we need to demand better from WASCO. We can do without electricity but not without water.

    WASCO take a queue from LUCELEC and get your act together.


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