WASCO trashes claims of irregularities on John Compton Dam project

WASCO trashes claims of irregularities on John Compton Dam project
Dr. Hilaire 

(SNO) — Water and Sewerage Company Inc., WASCO, has dismissed claims that it did not conduct a tendering process for the John Compton Dam De-silting Project.

The company made reference to a news interview in which opposition Member of Parliament Dr. Ernest Hiliare reportedly questioned the tender process for the de-silting of the John Compton Dam/Roseau Dam and the condition of the sediment disposal area (SDA).

“WASCO would like to state in no uncertain terms that the de-silting of the John Compton Dam project was done through a competitive bidding process,” it said in a statement.

According to the company, Phase 1 of the project was opened up to only “Local Contractors mainly because WASCO was of the view that since Phase 1 entailed civil works there were several local contractors that had the capacity to construct the SDA and indeed a Local Contractor was a successful competitive bidder”.

“However, Phase 2 was opened to International Competitive Bidding in light of the highly technical skills required for the dredging component of the project,” WASCO’s statement said.

It said the tender process for that phase was subject to oversight by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

“Furthermore, at all times the National Utilities Regulatory Commission was aware of the process to be undertaken by WASCO for the use of the dredging fees for the Dredging of the Dam for Phase 1 and 2,” the statement pointed out.

The company described the statements made as “unfounded and most unfortunate”.

“As a result WASCO would like to publicly proclaim that it has at all times acted within competitive bidding procurement rules and guidelines for the De-silting project and is committed to do all within its power to ensure the successful completion of same.” it said. “These interviews demonstrate that there are particular individuals whose objective is to deliberately disseminate false information. It is advised that in the future these persons should verify the true facts from WASCO before misleading the general public.”


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  1. He knows what he is speaking about and he is so right. The company who was giving the award for the first phase didn't even have the equipment to do the job. It was only after they got the job they started bringing them in under WASCO name. Even furniture they wanted to bring in also. The truth will come to light more.


  2. Now can we keep count as to the amount of this that Honest Hiliare has lied to us? And please don't leave the Juffali Scandal out of the mix cause we all know that Honest lied about this one and the monies he received for his campaign.


  3. Phase 1 is being done by a fly by night company . Of all the experience companies a company with no track record was given a multi million dollar project . Phase 2 was awarded to an international French company from France with no dredging experience .Mr Mendes has the ideal dredgers to undergo this project. The French company dredger is not suitable .don t get me wrong it will work but it was not recommended by the canadoan onsultants and the us amy Corp of engineers . The frist issuer they will encounter is to mobilize the equipment to the dam. St Lucia has no lifting capacity for such so a heavy lift will have to be imported .secondly they will need all the help from Mr Mendes and CMS especially from Mr Mendes and his son .


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