WASCO to improve quality of service with EU assistance

WASCO to improve quality of service with EU assistance

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) has received a EURO €347,587 grant from the European Union (EU) for an intra-regional cooperation program on water between Saint Lucia and Martinique.

Provided via the 10th European Development Fund, the assistance will partner the Syndicat International du Centre et du Sud de la Martinique (SCISM) and WASCO on a program that aims to develop WASCO’s capacity to improve its quality of service and viability.

The program is intended to achieve these four key goals.

Last week, a delegation from Martinique visited with the Minister for Sustainable Development, Science and Technology, Sen. Hon. Dr. James Fletcher, to enable the first goal—developing a methodology for the development of a water and sewerage master plan.

The remaining goals are: to develop asset management strategies through proper inventory management and assessment; to formulate guidelines and orientations for a risk management plan; and to detail terms of reference for procuring services in order to address deficiencies indentified during the development of the master plan.

The program goals are slated for completion by the period 2015/2016.


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  1. I hope that these funds will be utilized to address the serious water problems that persist year after year after year.
    The St. Jude Highway area, serviced through the Grace water intake, have been suffering for years now. There is forever a problem with the pipes, or silt in the river when it rains, or no water because of the dry season, and so on.
    You pay your water bill every month and consistently get crappy service.
    I hope that WASCO makes use of not just the financial aid, but most important of all, the technical expertise.


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