WASCO repairs pump; more communities receiving water

WASCO repairs pump; more communities receiving water

The Water and Sewage Company (WASCO) has undertaken repairs to the Elleuthere pump. The repairs were done on Thursday, July 9, 2015.

According to a statement from WASCO, water was pumped to the tank to supply customers in: Talvern, Ti Chemin, Fond Assau, Chassin, Hill 20 and environs that have been affected.

The company said once the pump has been fully repaired these customers will be given priority.

It said that Upper Mon du Don, Forgotten Boundary, Odlum City and Sun built are currently being supplied with water, while customers in some areas of Cariellie are also being supplied.

WASCO has been issuing daily water schedules, affording them to undertake repairs to its facilities and manage the distribution of the country’s water supply.

Saint Lucia and several other Caribbean islands have been affected by a severe drought, the worst in almost five years. The last drought of this magnitude was in 2010, during the hurricane season.

However, the Caribbean isn’t the only area in the Western Hemisphere dealing with extreme water shortages. Brazil has been struggling with its own severe drought, as well as Florida, United States.


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  1. What about residents opposite the bocage secondary school it's been over three weeks we haven't received any water.


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