WASCO places nation on drought alert

WASCO places nation on drought alert

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) is appealing to the public to put water conservation measures into effect immediately.

From the end of February to the first week of March, the island has been experiencing an intense dry spell that has begun to affect the integrity of WASCO’s water supply and distribution systems island-wide.

Due to the current effects of the dry weather pattern, residents at the extreme ends of distribution networks and at high elevations are likely to be affected first. A drought management plan for both the north and south of the island has been developed and will be implemented by the middle of March if the intense dry weather continues.

Already, in the south of the island, water yields at intakes have dropped by up to 25 percent on some systems. WASCO is urging customers to cease activities such as watering lawns, washing cars with hoses and all other water wasteful activities in order to assist with attaining an equitable water supply to everyone.

WASCO is calling on the public to report to the company any damages or leaks as soon as they are noticed as WASCO intensifies its drive to minimize wastage from identified leaks.

Due to uncertainty about the duration of the dry season and the potential for further and more rapid reduction in the water supply, WASCO is appealing to the public to be considerate in the use and management of the water supply at home and in business places.

The company says it will do all in its power to maintain a steady supply of water to customers as it continues to monitor the situation closely.


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  2. Did you know there's millions and millions of gallons of water sitting behind caribbean metals. This water is sitting in a rock basin this means it will have very little mud and silt. The land is owned by the same company you give all you salery to, yip super js. The river needs to be directed and some silt traps made. Call co Williams to to the job, they are only located 20 feet away. Can't mA Charles wasco and the government come to some agreemnet. The government doesn't allow PLp to take the water even to mix concrete.

    Please help me understand how and why this source isn't tapped? Take this comment to the radio station or tv call mr chastanet or mr Charles or mr Williams . John Joseph

    They will all say yea we looking into it, we tinkling bout it, I didn't know the water was there, we lookin for funding, we want to desilt the dam first, we want to finish the over priced bridge, we too busy dealing with the sick outs.


  3. If wasco is for the people of stlucia and is priced so that everyone can afford,then why would they ever sell to trucks during a drought ? This will rob the poor man at the end of the waterline because the trucks are being filled.
    I think water on trucks should only be provided by a private enterprise. But in stlucia anything goes.

    I hope you read all my comments below.


  4. So the dam is too small we need to dredge. Instead of dreading the dam how about increasing the hight of the spill way just 2 rows of concrete block would be millions of gallons of water and the cost about 2000 dollars. The wall can take the weight.
    Has anyone ever wondered how much energy is used to pump water from millet to gros ilet.?
    There's even water at cap estate, you can even get water from the sewer plant via the proper filtration process. I can promise you the bottled water companies will never run out of water wasco will . Poor management poor funding poor planning. I also can't understand how PLp will put 200 dollars a month on the Samsung phone costing 2000, but don't want to spend 50 for their family. So say water should be free well it is all we are paying for is extraction, filtration and delivery. Waters so valuable to some PLp that they pay 1000 to truck it in.


  5. People are even willing to pay more for water. If they get good quality water. The government says, oh people should have storage by means of tanks. So what has the government done to make tanks affordable and guttering? Nothing at all. Make tanks come in vat gov service charge fee.
    As usually the lack of water situation has approached the water situation in a very poor manner. How can you invite tourists to stlucia and tell them they can't have a long shower.
    A simple policy to be put in place, every community with 30,000 PLp has to produce their own water. I have all the ideas on how to filter ate and catch water. Why not invite private enterprises to feed water into wasco pipes. You would see wells and big buildings collecting water. You would even see sandles selling excess water to wasco. So stay there saying omg.


  6. Theres water all over stlucia so forget a desalination plant. Basically the government of stlucia and Waco are interested in everything else but supplying the country with water. There's wells that could be drilled. There's a huge resaviour behind co Williams. But we don't want to tap into it because we would rather build a new government office or a bridge or fund carnival.


  7. Shame on WASCO, you can't see past today, no plans in place for the future. Didn't we have the same crisis a few years ago, what have you done so far to prevent another one? Heads should be rolling right about now! This is about national security and some of you should be charged with treason, and publicly flogged because you have let the State down. Shame on you!


  8. Wasco fail the bloodclat invest get some bigger and more tanks but want to raise the water rate no money no water lucia dooom


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