WASCO observes World Water Day

WASCO observes World Water Day

(GIS) – The Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) observed World Water Day earlier this week under the global theme “Water for Nature—Exploring How We Can Use Nature to Overcome the Water Challenges of The 20th Century.”

In keeping with the theme, WASCO embarked on a project that gave three lucky students of the Fond Assau Combined School a chance to win a month of free water for their families. The exercise challenged students on their knowledge of water conservation measures, and WASCO’s role in managing the precious resource, as well as other related topics.

A short presentation was also made by WASCO officials to the students, prior to their participation in a trivia game. The questions, based on the presentation, ensured that students were attentive and actively engaged in the exercise.

The draw was held at the end of the presentation.

The World Water Day activity was held during assembly at the Fond Assau Combined School on March 20.


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