WASCO’s Public Notice #2, November 7, 2015

WASCO’s Public Notice #2, November 7, 2015

wascoPRESS RELEASE – The Water & Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) informs the public accordingly:

Hill 20 (Babonneau) System

  • The intakes which feed this system are clogged. The Marquis river has not subsided and it remains dangerous to undertake any work at the intakes. It is anticipated that Hill 20 will  be restored fully by tomorrow Sunday November 8, 2015 subject to conditions being favourable for repairs to be undertaken at the intakes.
  • Communities which are supplied from the Hill 20 system will experience low supply.  

John Compton Dam

  • The reservoir of the John Compton Dam and its raw water network are functioning satisfactorily. The subsidiary intakes from Ravine Poisson and Vannard which were clogged are currently being restored. This is expected to be completed by the end of day today.
  • Communities supplied by the John Compton Dam are having normal supply.

Dennery Systems

  • The Errard sub-system which supplies Dennery  South has been restored.
  • The Thomazo sub-system has been restored
  • The Denierre Rivierre sub-system has been restored
  • The Aux Lyon sub-system is off production. A further update will be provided later.

Micoud System

  • Micoud Primary sub-system has been restored.
  • Patience sub-system is in operation.
  • Belle Vue sub-system is producing low flows. The service team is currently at the intake to address the problem.
  • Deruisseaux sub-system is off production due to clogged intake. The service team will address the problem subject to the conditions being safe enough to reach the intake.  

Vieux Fort System

  • Grace and Beausejour sub-systems are clogged. Service teams are mobilised to clear the intakes and the systems should be restored later today.

Chioseul System

  • Delcer sub-system has been restored
  • Upper and Lower Saltibus, and Toucousson sub-systems are in operation

Soufriere System

  • Ruby and Diamond sub-systems are in operation.
  • Fond St. Jacques sub-systems are producing low flows. Situation is being investigated
  • Bouton sub-system is producing extremely low flows. The flows will improve subject to the availability of more water at the intake/source.

Canaries System

  • Canaries Primary sub-system is out of production and service team is investigating the cause. 4 lengths of pipes on the distribution network were washed away. Those lengths are to be replaced. The system is expected to be restored by tomorrow Sunday November 8, 2015.
  • Anse la Verdue is in operation.

Anse La Raye System

  • System is in operation.

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