WASCO apologizes to customers in the south over prolonged water outage

WASCO apologizes to customers in the south over prolonged water outage

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Water and Sewerage Company Inc WASCO wishes to apologize for the prolonged shortage of water to all customers in the south of the island.

This was due to a number of factors, most of which have been beyond our control. These include high turbidity issues as a result of heavy rains experienced over the past two weeks, as well as damages to a fourteen-inch raw water line at the Grace Treatment Plant.

WASCO also wishes to assure our valued customers that all efforts are being made to implement the necessary upgrades and improvements to our communication links, so that customers can be informed in a more direct and timely manner. This link will be rolled out shortly.

We are however pleased to report that repairs are now completed on the damaged line at the Grace Treatment Plant and the system is currently being flushed to remove all debris and repair residue from the line in order to facilitate the distribution of clean and safe drinking water to the public.

The water supply will be restored to customers as soon as this process is completed. However, residents at the further end of the system and those at higher elevations will experience delays.

WASCO wishes to stress that the Board of Directors and management are aggressively pursuing plans for the complete Water Redevelopment Project in the south of the island.

This $65-million project funded by the Caribbean Development bank is expected to cover the cost of redesigning the water system. This is with a view to improving the water supply distribution to all our customers.

Plans for the project are well advanced and are expected to begin within the first quarter of 2020.

In the meantime, we extend out thanks and appreciation for your patience and understanding.


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  1. WASCO has absolutely no respect for the people it serves. All what I am reading is a bunch of horse shit. Excuses and lame excuses. In 2019 WASCO does not have a solution for turbidity. Shame on you WASCO engineers and managers. The solution to turbidity is storage tanks, idiots. You do not need an engineering degree to know this. How can you have a community without water for so long. You all are bunch of losers and idiots. SHAME ON YOU WASCO!


  2. This is unacceptable from a company like WASCO with a Communication department. It takes a week to come out and inform your customers why there is no Water? In that light Why didnt Wasco Truck water to reseidents knowing that there is no water and the repairs are going to take some time?
    Did i also see correctly that some persons were receiving trucked water while other communities werent.


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