WASCO announces water service interruptions

WASCO announces water service interruptions


PRESS RELEASE – The Water And Sewerage Company wishes to inform customers of the Community served by Bexon pump and Barre Denis pump, their water supply has been interrupted due to a Damage 18” main at Cul de Sac. Crews have already been dispatched to attend to it. As a result the following has been done.

-Bexon Pumps are off

-Barre Denis Pump is off

Areas affected include Cul De Sac, Bexon, Ravine Poison, Sarot, Barre Denis, Vannard, Millet, Mon Dor, Roseau, Jacmel, Marigot, Coolie Town, Old belair, Odsan, La Croix Maigot, Marigot, Tete Chemin and all other areas within Distribution Zone.  The supply to these areas will be restored as soon as repairs are completed.

Water supply will be restored after works are completed.


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  1. AA. ANOYMUS!! you have an issue with your cardinal points. Millet and Bexon is in the north of the island? SMDH!!


  2. interestingly WASCO only informs customers in the north of water interruptions. Guess the rest of St. Lucia is not important.


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