Was Serena ill treated? “Hell no!”

Was Serena ill treated? “Hell no!”

A “very close family friend” has come out in defense of the guardians of Serena Cox amid criticisms that the 13-year-old ran away from home because of possible ill treatment.

Serena was found unharmed Wednesday evening in Union, Castries after she went missing for almost two weeks.

The family friend, who requested anonymity, said she was “shocked” by the statements made by bloggers on St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

“I was recently on your site and shocked at what some people were writing,” she said.

The friend said Serena was well taken care of.

“Hell no! Serena was not being mistreated at the guardians’ house. She had a room to herself, new clothes and shoes, food to eat and they loved her as her own. She would lie on her bed as she watched television and slept on her guardian’s lap at church,” she added.

The friend further stated that the guardians also helped Serena with her homework and “ensured she had what she needed for school – new shoes, socks, ribbons etc”.

However, the rules were strict for Serena who had been living with her guardians since April following the death of her mother from liver failure. Social Services entrusted Serena in the care of the guardians.

“The guardians live in a good community so there were no negative influences around her. She was encouraged to speak with and see her friends; however she was not allowed to bring boys to the house or go on dates as she had frequently requested.

“Coming from a home with little to no structure, she did not respect the rules of the house and did not seem to understand that her guardians could not allow her to go certain places or engage in certain activities for her own well-being.

“They (the guardians) were not aware of Serena’s deep-rooted problems. It was only after she disappeared that they found out it was not her first time doing such and of some of the activities she engaged in.

“In my opinion she is the perfect definition of an at-risk teen. Her behaviour did not stem from her mother’s death as they are just finding out. She has been displaying such behaviour for a while,” the family friend explained.

SNO disclosed to Serena’s guardians, the comments made by the family friend. However, the guardians refused to elaborate on the comments, saying only that they have been doing their best for Serena and are happy she was found unharmed.

The guardians also told SNO that Serena came into a “deeply-rooted” Christian home and nothing but the best was given to her.

“We have requested to remain anonymous as her disappearance had taken quite a toll on my mom, not because we had not done anything wrong as some have assumed,” said one of the guardians.

They are thankful to everyone who assisted in the search for Serena.

The guardians also told SNO that they’re not aware – as yet – of anyone being held responsible for Serena’s disappearance.

“I would like to again thank the media, the police, human services and the public for their support and assistance. All we wanted was for her to be found unharmed which is the ending that we got,” the guardian said.

Meanwhile, the family friend said she too is happy that Serena is now confirmed safe but emphasised that despite all the good treatement “I don’t think she (Serena) appreciated what they got her”.

Police have not released any details surrounding Serena’s whereabouts and current location. The guardians are also clueless.

“The RSLPF would like to thank persons who assisted in locating her. This is the direction that the police and community should head into, the ability to work together. Thank you to all,” the police stated in a Facebook post this morning.

SNO first reported that Cox had disappeared from her guardian’s home at Caye Mange, Gros Islet. She was last seen by her guardian at about 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

The RSLPF is appealing to members of the public to inform a family member or friend of their whereabouts whenever they wish to leave their place of dwelling for extended periods.


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  1. Like if this child was abused the close so called family friend or the guardian would say. Ppl always show u the side they want u to see. Do you kno what goes on behind close doors. No body knows the police and social services need to do a thoral investigation then we will know the truth. JUST MY OPINION


  2. glad she is safe but on the other hand she has understanding enough for her to pick up a phon e and call home..those young girls now a days are way out of hand.not even school they are interested in..its time,something has to be before its to late


  3. It fee ya, It fee Ya see mamou par vlay . Pwen Parchay Veen Pwen COCO. ( But from what am reading in Serena's case it wasn't so. Serenar tay machay coco, So she went for it!! Poorjab. Am lost for words.i will pray for you my child, you sure need it.And the worse thing is the kind of guys they go after. ( Tear Tear)


  4. I too have had too deal with my run away son. And do you know that there are times when people whom you think are your friends will say the worst thing to you. God forgives us every time we do wrong. Think of the story of the prodigal son.
    I advise Mothers Friends and Family don't ever give up on this child whom you think is troubled.
    Please Please people Pray and never give up.
    Victory is ours. Jesus is the winner.

    While people give advise to you about your child. they may say "if i was in your place i would not go look for him, i would not give him food,you spoiling him" but at your back they accept every wrong theirs are doing and make excuses for theirs. Love your child when he make mistakes be there for him. and once again please don't forget to pray.


  5. 13 yrs old and thats not the first time you disappearing? You owe someone out there something?? We see problems and we keep on sugar coating them, woop that girl ass like how parents did back in the day! I used to be terrified when my mom got angry and would sleep outside on a tree but only to wait for her to fall asleep....but run away from home, regularly!?? SKIN HER BUMBUM!!


  6. I'm happy that she is now back home with her guardian. However, this child is crying out for help. Seeking counseling is a great idea but it's not enough. Child services needs to monitor her "AND" the family she stays with on a regular basis. If you know or think she's sexually active, put her on some type of contraceptive before it's to late. Education is the key to success, she need to finish school and make her mom proud. Punishing her is not going to solve the probkem, in fact, it's only going to make her acted out more. On that same token, she has to understand that she's under someone's roof and she has to apply my their rules and regulations.


  7. ok it is visible this young child needs help but what i dont understand is if she was missing for so long didnt the family friend see the news abt her missing so she could at least say something if serena was at her home and further more why would a thirteen year old want to bring boys home already


  8. Sounds like a one sided story to me. People are always quick to run to the defense and say there were no problems at home blah blah. Close family friends always seem to know. Yeah right! And here comes the judgement and bashing of a 13 year old CHILD!


  9. If so be the case all the clothes,shoes etc won't help her. Social services should have been aware of her pass and alert her guidian. This young lady needs some really good counseling,they need to find the root of her problem.Having her in a super strict environment is only going to make her lash out more.(Guidians should stick to their rules though).Social services should find way to help the guidian and give this young lady the help she truly deserves. Too many of our young ppl are going astray because of lack of counseling and guidance


  10. I'm happy she's found unharmed.. Hope she doesn't do it again as I understood it wasn't her first time.. Serena life doesn't end tomorrow y rush it.. One step @ time finish ur education or else u might end up regret cuz it's not a nice world out there.. Trust me!!


  11. Whoever harbored her should have at least let it be known that she was safe to avoid the pain, despair,and anguish that all concerned particularly her guardians suffered. It could have avoided the time and resources spent in trying to locate her. There is so much negatives going on, the police could have utilized their energy and resources on more serious matters given their limitations. For all the reasons above, her accomplice should be punished to deter others from doing the same in the future.


  12. The girl needs some serious licks with tamarind branch and the people she stayed need to be put to jail


  13. Now tell me what a 13 year old going on dates for and also wants to bring boys to her house. This young lady needs serious help before it's too late and she falls victim to the system. It's almost as if young people can't take their time to grow up. The time for going on dates will come. I may not know the family she has been placed with but I believe that they would want the best for her.


  14. Its so easy to lay blame when such a situation presents itself. This young lady needs serious counselling and her gaurdians should also participate in those sessions. I am not sure exactly what this young lady's situation was before her guardians took her in but if she lost her mother to illness, this certainly would be an issue affecting her. Children do not handle such situations very well. There are obviously other issues but the question is what has caused those issues to arise.


  15. This girl needs some professional help it appears she is growing to fast and think the world is ending soon. i also sense her resentment to her new environment as i learned it is christian oriented .It will pose a challenge for her since she considers rules are not for her.She must understand she is a child even though i sense she maybe sexually active.Promiscuity is not the way to go my girl. Focus on your education or you will regret later in life.To the guardian i say never give up seek professional help for her.


  16. Why is it always the case that you don't get to know where the victim has been sheltered. It always baffles me. Its high time.you want people help to find your love one and they suddenly appear with no explanation.St.lucians please get serious about this.


  17. Oooh Lawd Thnx God Mhy Cuzon Is Bck Home & Unharmed... Hope She Doesn't Do It Again.... Serena.. sigh -_-


    • Wonderful statement and someone is ticking it down. What a negative person! Or is that Serena? Listen to the advice given by others and the person house your were at is not there for you


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