Warning: St. Lucia police says it has right to “seize” or “shoot” stray animals

Warning: St. Lucia police says it has right to “seize” or “shoot” stray animals

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Royal St. Lucia Police Force wishes to advise members of the public that, in keeping with Section 26 of the Animals Act 2013, any animal found tied, wandering, straying, or lying in such a manner as to cause obstruction, danger, damage or injury to any user of the highway or a public place; will be seized, or where not practicable, shall be shot or immobilized by a duly authorised individual.

Please note, that all costs incurred during the above processes, shall be that of the owner of the animal.

Anyone who contravenes Section 26 of the Animals Act, commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $5,000 or to imprisonment for 2 years or both.


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  1. Instead of casting slates why don't we help the farmers with their problem because we are all human here and everyone has their problems/difficulties. in quote i understand both sides of this miner situation which can lead to a bigger situation at the end but, this legislation is not only for them but for any of us. What if one of our own pets or animals was let loose we would still have to pay the same consequence.


    • The aminals no nothing about traffic and right-of-way. They are just making their way to where the grass is greener to eat and survive. In a sensible country, a simple fence would solve the problem.


  2. A good idea from the police. About time the owners of these loose cows know what exactly the law says about this serious menace these cows pose to both life and property. Exercise and execute your powers. Give some of the meat to the hospital, the prison and children homes.


  3. The owners of these stray animals are putting their animals and humans at risk of being injured. A man accidentally hit a horse near American drywall the horse was on the road suffering. the man's vehicle was written off. Good job by the police, it should have been done sooner.


  4. about time the police did something about those stray animals. i witnessed a woman drive into the median to avoid a stray cow.


  5. It's about damn time, I hope they all see this especially to the owner of the cows that walk around Chock and the Morgaan Bay stretch.


  6. It good u have animals find sumwere to put them. U not having them tie so close they all in the Rd or they just drop goin anywhere causing hazard to Rd users


    • It has already brought its bad times. Cattle have killed people who collided with them on the highways. So what exactly are you talking about? We know why the law is there.


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