WARNING: Brown sugar recalled after rope, white lumps, other foreign matters discovered

WARNING: Brown sugar recalled after rope, white lumps, other foreign matters discovered

Warning: The Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs is advising consumers to look out for brown sugar with the supplier’s name, “Ingenio Palo Gordo”,  and a printed production date of 2012 and expires in 2014.

On Monday, October 15, 2012, the ministry recalled the batch of brown sugar imported here in Saint Lucia in a specific container, which was received in the month of September during an order from Palo Gordo in Guatemala.

Deputy Director of Consumer Affairs, Pariet Herman, says the product was recalled following investigations by the Ministry of Health and the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards.

“We got several complaints from consumers indicating that there were foreign objects in the sugar, and by foreign objects I am referring to rope, paper and huge white lumps. And we brought on the Ministry of Health to investigate the matter, and in collaboration with the Bureau of Standards, the product was examined and the Ministry of  Health indicated that since there are foreign objects in the sugar it is not a wholesome product, and as such, unfit for human production, and as a result,  the shipment was condemned.”

Herman says authorities thought it necessary to recall the sugar as there may have been possible health complications.

She says the Ministry of Commerce is in discussion with the supplier to address the situation amicably.

“We have spoken to the supplier, who in turn has spoken to the producer of the sugar, and we expect them to be on island shortly.   They have not committed a date as yet which is something they are coordinating, but they will be on island to address this matter.”

Saint Lucia regularly imports sugar from the Guatemalan supplier.

Consumers are advised to return the condemned sugar to their retail outlets of purchase.


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