Walcott’s new book released

Walcott’s new book released
Derek Walcott. * Photo credit: * http://arcthemagazine.com/
Derek Walcott *http://arcthemagazine.com/

A book highlighting the work of “local literary legend” Derek Walcott has been released.

Entitled “Interlocking Basins of a Globe – Essays on Derek Walcott” the publication features discussions on Walcott’s earliest poetry and some of his recent collections such as The Prodigal (2004) and White Egrets (2010).

It is said to have been acclaimed as an essential addition to the understanding and appreciation of Walcott’s work.
The book was published by Peepal Tree Press.

Founder of that company Jeremy Poynting said, “I like very much that this was a book with a very real Caribbean center of gravity. It’s a book which brings Derek Walcott back home and that I really like about it. I will say a special thank you to the Thomas Fisher rare Book Library for giving permission to and giving us access to their work there and to Derek Walcott himself for giving us permission to use his artwork, the beautiful painting which is on the cover of the book that I think is just right.”

According to him, the essays enclosed in the new publication also features several contributors including Monsignor Patrick Anthony.

According to the official review on the book, “The contributors to this collection are predominantly, but not wholly, Caribbean-based, which ensures that, whilst his position as poet of the world is celebrated, the Caribbean, and more specifically Saint Lucia, is seen as the source to which Derek Walcott’s writing constantly returns.”

Dr. Jean Antoine Dunne edited the book. She is a Trinidadian and Senior Lecturer in Literatures in English at the University of the West Indies.


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