Walcott House officially opens

Walcott House officially opens

12642661_918793938211222_1630090960475268808_nOPM – Sunday was a proud day for all of Saint Lucia, but especially for the Walcott family and for Grass Street, as Walcott House was officially opened to the public.

A museum built on the site of Derek and Alton Walcott’s childhood home, Walcott House is a tribute to a great Saint Lucian family that has contributed immeasurably to our patrimony.


Said Dr. Anthony in his feature address:

“We are reclaiming our memories, and with them our hopes. We believe that if a people do not know themselves, cannot celebrate themselves – if they cannot laugh and feel moved, then living itself is reduced to meagre value. And as Sir Arthur Lewis recognised, we can ill afford a “cultural desert.””



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  1. I remember very well the home that once stood there, where you Derek
    your brother Roddy (sleepy) Walcott and a hand full of the boys played
    'PAN' in the back yard. Your mom, my former "teacher Alex" baked the tastiest
    Cakes for us boys. At carnival we were the first steel band that I knew of
    and we all got detention because the Brothers thought it was scandalous.
    I remember the little balcony entrance where we would sit to shoot the
    breeze. Roddy would kill us with his jokes; there were no crime back then
    people just lived according to their means. I grew up in the general area and
    loved it then, but can't say the same for today. Good luck Derek, and blessings
    to you and the folks who helped put all this together. (Install some alarm There)


  2. Kenny in all due respect ,please please for you health's sake do something about that BIG BELLY!!
    you will feel and look a lot better.
    No offence meant.
    your contemporary
    although I live in Brasil


  3. Great job! The next generation will be proud of this achievement.May we always see the need to appreciate those who have not only made us proud but have significant.
    ly shaped the historical landscape of this beautiful island


  4. it will be broken n entered into, robbed and vandalised, it will soon be the block to cool out on....and we will all forget about it...moving on


  5. Unlike other great men an women who has died be for they were truly respected he is a live an present to see him self get horned an respected,I do hope the people who always think they need the government to do every thing for them take a page from this man's life an realize the power is in their hands to make important changes in their lives which in turn may make important improvement an changes in others lives for the betterment of our island home St.Lucia an may be the world.


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