Voting for Miss Universe Saint Lucia Louise Victor starts today, Nov. 20

Voting for Miss Universe Saint Lucia Louise Victor starts today, Nov. 20

Fellow Saint Lucians voting for our candidate Louise Victor starts today, November 20th and ends on Saturday, November 25th, the day before the telecast.

You can vote 10 times in a day.

Additionally, there will be a vote during broadcast for each round of the competition.

The voting windows will happen during the actual competition, so it will happen quickly and you need to be ready to vote.

You can vote two ways:

* – 10 x per round
* On Twitter using #MissUniverse and #Country Retweets count

Here is an opportunity to show support for your island home, let our voices be heard and our country known.


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  1. Hey st lucia please vote as many times as u can please make time to do so be proud of our very own give her ur support vote and pasd this on to your friends thank you for ur vote on behalf of GVD NEWS and Louise Victor


  2. Do you vote by sharing? how do you, where do you vote?!?!?! hurry tell me fast lets see how many times i can vote


  3. I wish i could vote 100 times for the beautiful, miss confident Louise Victor..Go up go up Louise go get your title miss Universe St.Lucia,i like that sound.St.lucia my people go vote,come together for Louise our Miss home girl,from our soil.Congratulations Louise you got soul girl.


  4. Good luck. I ain't gonna have time to vote 10 times for anyone and if that's what the country depends on then too bad we will lose as we don't have population.


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