Voter registration continues for extended time today

Voter registration continues for extended time today
voter registration
voter registration
voter registration

In light of technical issues experienced on Saturday at the Electoral Department, which led to the postponement of registration of voters, the timeline has been extended for today (Sunday).

The Department said on Saturday that the postponement of registration was linked to issues that they were experiencing due to the inclement weather and they were forced to close at 1 p.m.

Ever since the date of election was announced, citizens have reportedly been flocking the Department’s various locations island-wide, to get registered in order to vote on election day (June 6, 2016.)

A notice was only issued two days ago, informing persons that the final day for registration is today.

In an effort to accommodate everyone, the Electoral Department  has said that all centres will be opened from 9.a.m today until the last person is left to get registered. Today will, however, be the last day to get registered.

Renewal of identification (I.D) cards will continue after Sunday, by the Electoral Department.

A final voters list will be out by May 30, 2016, and persons are encouraged to continue checking for their names on those registered voters lists that will be posted in all the constituencies on public and other buildings.


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  1. Welcome the date for election, but I feel that it's time St. Lucia sets one fixed date for election.
    As for the voter registration, what a mess it seems to be in!! What a pity!!!


    • I think a petition should be made to have "Election Day" as a fixed date. This would surely take care of all the mess that was created this election year. Send the petition to the department heads responsible, including cabinet. I will surely sign the petition, and probably be the first to sign too. I think I will start the petition.


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