Volunteers receive self-awareness training

Volunteers receive self-awareness training

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Volunteer Saint Lucia held a seminar Thursday 06th September 2018 speaking on Self-Awareness. Twenty volunteers attended the seminar facilitated by Mr. Taddeus Joseph, Occupational and Organizational Psychologist, Msc, Bsc, at the Conference room of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

These are some of the areas tackled:

– How self-awareness can help promote personal and professional growth.

– Recognizing as Volunteers how our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors may impact self and the organization we represent.

– How to be the best volunteer possible, it is crucial that you have self-awareness about your personality style, strengths, opportunities, beliefs, emotions and motivations.

– Understanding how others may perceive you and how you respond to others in any given situation.

Volunteer Saint Lucia remains committed to its mission: To create a renewed spirit of volunteerism in Saint Lucia by recruiting, training, certifying, and celebrating volunteers, while encouraging and organizing challenging volunteer opportunities through strengthened coalitions with the private sector and civil society.

Volunteer Saint Lucia believes that it is important to recognize that self-awareness is not only about what we notice about ourselves, what is equally important is, how this personally impacts our world.

Volunteers learned the non-judgmental quality is an essential component to self-awareness. As we notice what’s happening inside us, we acknowledge and accept them as the inevitable part of being human, rather than giving ourselves a hard time about it.

Furthermore, self-awareness goes beyond merely accumulating knowledge about ourselves. Such information often ends up conditioning our mind to react in a certain way as we encounter a similar situation in the future.

Self-awareness allows us be conscious of these conditioning and preconceptions of the mind, which can form the foundation of freeing the mind from it.

Mrs. Diane Felicien, Consultant-National Volunteer Programme, explained that volunteers were grateful for the session as it will directly impact them personally and professionally.

There will be ongoing sessions as Volunteer Saint Lucia focuses on its human resources and capacity building.


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