‘Volunteers are heroes’

‘Volunteers are heroes’

The celebrations for International Volunteer Day formed part of St Lucia’s Volunteer Week activities.

Minister for Social Transformation and Community Development Harold Dalson, and permanent secretaries from the ministries of youth development, social transformation and finance, were happy to celebrate with volunteers from across St Lucia.

The day was observed with the hoisting of the newly commissioned Volunteer St Lucia Flag at Government House.

“Volunteers are heroes, selfless givers who do not expect monetary gain,” the minister said.

He also exalted volunteers to “bring the unity back to the community”.

Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, who is the patron of the National Volunteer Programme, thanked the volunteers present for their selfless acts of volunteering in St Lucia.

She noted that volunteers are everyday people who take time out of their daily lives to perform acts of personal and national kindness.


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