Visually impaired student receives birthday surprise from Digicel

Visually impaired student receives birthday surprise from Digicel
Hughes presenting Shamari his gifts
Holly presenting Shamari his gifts

Young Shamari Regis, a visually impaired student from the Leon Hess Secondary School, received a birthday surprise from Digicel Thursday — a specialised laptop and handset.

Regis, a young intellectual and active first form student, had been having problems with his impairment which limited some activities, including using information technology.

Thursday was a special day for Regis. Before he began his day, Digicel’s Country Manager Holly Hughes-McNamara, accompanied by the marketing team, presented the excited student with his birthday present.

A Dell laptop outfitted with Zoom Text software sealed the deal for this eager student. The software is equipped with a magnifier and reader which allows the content on any page to be magnified, greatly enabling the information on screen to be more legible.

Regis also has the advantage of hearing all commands typed into the laptop, as the reader provides ease and accuracy when working.

Regis also got another surprise — a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, equipped with a cadre of features that will support his special need.

The presentation was made under Digicel’s Caring Connections.

“Digicel’s focus on youth with special needs is a necessary call to action that empowers the team to be advocates for these extraordinary persons to strive for more and be the best that they can be,” explained Hughes-McNamara.

“Being able to give someone the opportunity to acquire more independence and self-sufficiency is necessary for growth and development.”

Digicel’s Caring Connections has given assistance to many special needs organisations and individuals across St. Lucia. This social project is geared towards persons with special needs, for their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development, to facilitate their full inclusion into the society.


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