Visually-impaired female robbed on her way from church in Castries

Visually-impaired female robbed on her way from church in Castries

Executive Director of the St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association Anthony Avril has revealed news of a robbery on a visually-impaired female who was on her way from church last week.

The victim and her mother was on La Pansee Road, Castries when bandits stripped her of her bag which contained several personal items.

The victim has declined to speak to the media out of fear, as her attackers are still on the loose.

Avril said that it is unfortunate that vulnerable people are being pounced on as they go about their every-day lives.

“She [the victim] has a right to go to church just like anybody else. She has a right to go anywhere in the land and should not be attacked by anyone. This is a very serious situation. We have had a number of persons from time to time who have been subjected to attacks by hoodlums and you ask why this is being done, we do not know. That is terrible, that should never have happened,” he said to MBC Television.

Avril believes that it is every one’s duty to do all in their power to help curb the crime situation in Saint Lucia.

“Every man, woman and child has to see it as their responsibility to do whatever you can to stop this nonsense. If that continues then our nation will perish. We just cannot continue that kind of situation where people cannot walk our streets,” Avril said.

In recent times, La Pansee Road residents have been wary of a group of bandits who are on the prowl at nights looking for victims to rob. While several reports have been made the robberies have continued.


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  1. St.Lucia is a small island and cannot afford an increase in violent crime. As a community all St. Lucians need to pull together to help flush these criminals out. The police have limited resources and rely on communities to help. Everyone MUST do their part if St Lucia is to remain the ‘Helen of the West’.


  2. I am appalled by this insensitive "act" I believe the community should wake up and address this matter with the responsible heads because the crime situation is getting worse and lawless I am disgusted period.


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