Visitor Channel completes SLHTA Pilot Project “Hidden Gems”

Visitor Channel completes SLHTA Pilot Project “Hidden Gems”

unnamed (19)PRESS RELEASE – The Visitor Channel has recently completed the production of five (5) mini documentaries for a ‘Pilot Program’ promoting small properties in Saint Lucia.

Working on a creative brief from the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA), the production created character-driven stories on the select properties which fall under the small hotels and guesthouses in Saint Lucia,

These short contemporary stories of 5 individual owners, demonstrate clearly how people are the makers of an unforgettable holiday experience.

Leading up to the main holiday season, the Visitor Channel expects the increased visibility of these properties, to result in additional business for the owners and their staff. With the short stories airing soon, viewers will be treated to the unique nature of these types of properties.

Small properties world wide have already been recognized as attractions for more independent travelers, who are more adventurous and contribute more directly to local communities.

Until the end of November 2015, the Visitor Channel is offering a special rate for productions and advertising, to the owners of the small properties and guesthouses in Saint Lucia. More information is available at: [email protected] – Subject HGems Special.

Managing Director of the Visitor Channel Mr. Andre Alexander and his team are pleased to share that the pilot production, which took place with five guesthouses, in various parts of the island, have contributed immensely in proving that Saint Lucia is by far more than simply beautiful.


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  1. The management of Gems of Saint Lucia has positioned its concept to differentiate it from that of its competitors. This differentiation is driven by the marketing channel which is St. Lucian nationals globally with the focus placed on a single destination, St. Lucia. As a result of this strategy, the marketing consultants working with Gems of Saint Lucia will:

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  2. Gems of Saint Lucia is the new and innovative concept which engages St. Lucians and friends of St. Lucia

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    The Gems of Saint Lucia is the new and innovative branding of Saint Lucia’s hospitality and tourism industry, which provides authentic products in a culturally rich environment. These authentic products are rustic in nature. They are charmingly simple or unsophisticated and are owned and controlled by the indigenous people on Saint Lucia, located in the countryside and owned by the countryside people.

    The Gem’s philosophy is “Marketing Is Everybody’s Business.” As a result, the goals of the Gems are being achieved through the creation of marketing consulting teams involving Saint Lucians and friends of Saint Lucia.The Gems of Saint Lucia was conceptualized by Wilson Jn. Baptiste, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2007. Magdalene Cooman-Maxwell, Chief Operating Officer (COO) joined in 2014.

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