BREAKING NEWS: Virus outbreak on cruise ship docked in St. Lucia

BREAKING NEWS: Virus outbreak on cruise ship docked in St. Lucia

The Associated Press (AP) news agency is reporting that 19 people aboard the cruise ship Queen Mary 2 have been diagnosed with a gastrointestinal illness as the liner docked Friday in St. Lucia.

The AP quoted Cunard Line spokeswoman Jackie Chase has saying that “seven passengers have recovered and officials aboard the ship have taken steps to prevent other passengers from catching the suspected norovirus”.

The report further stated that sick passengers have been asked to remain in their cabins and will be reimbursed for shore-excursion costs.

A total of 2,613 passengers are aboard the Queen Mary 2.

According to AP, the liner departed New York on Saturday on a 12-night Caribbean cruise, and the ship’s next scheduled stop is St. Maarten.

Cunard Line is part of Miami-based Carnival Corp., the world’s largest cruise operator.


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  1. Now that's the kind of thing I don't LIKE...that's how virus's from other places spread,everyone on that ship should be quarantined before leaving the Docks...BUT as we know,those who show no signs but probably still have the virus can board a taxi or shop around town & spread the illness.


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