Viral video evokes mixed reaction

Viral video evokes mixed reaction

rapePersons on social media are debating whether a woman in a local pornographic video was raped or not.

In a nine-minute video obtained by St. Lucia News Online (SNO), the woman, with her hands and feet tied, has sex on a bed. A group of males were in the room.

At the beginning of the video the woman said: “But that man recording the thing already gah… somebody have to play a song.”

She was seen laughing, saying that she hopes that it is being recorded. She was also seen urging the males to tie her properly.

Three minutes into the video, the males placed a lit pipe – suspected of containing drugs – to her mouth.

“Take take it, take it, pull it pull it,” one of the males urged her as she smoked it willingly.

Another male added: “This is how the ghetto life stay, check it? P–m p–m fi free.”

Later in the video, the woman started singing a political calypso song. At one point she appeared to making fun of the males.

The males in the video inserted a shaker and a beer bottle in the woman’s private parts. They also attempted to insert another large stick-like item.

A male was overheard asking for someone to get the dog.

The video has evoked mixed reactions from persons on social media.

Some persons believe that the woman was raped under the influence of drugs while others believe she was a willing participant.

It is alleged that the video was recorded about a year ago.

Police officials have refused to comment on the matter, but a legal source told SNO that the only distinguishable offence committed is the circulating of the video.


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  1. What disease(s) did this woman or males expose themselves to? This is a serious matter- rape or no rape..


  2. Serves her ... right. Nobody told her to go do it. She did so on her own will. Not feeling sorry for that ting. Dirty ...rat.


  3. None of the faces of these criminals were captured in the video because they knew what they were doing. But I am sure those who know them are able to recognize them by their voices. Very appalling.


  4. Some of these young ladies do not know any better, I pity her. If she was willing she suffers from low self esteem. I counsel lots of young women who as children were sexually abused or neglected, and unfortunately most of them follow this path of promiscuity and drug use. Somewhere in their damaged minds they feel that taking part in these activities make them worthy, as sick and twisted as that sounds this is the truth. We need to teach our young ladies to love and value themselves, and we need to teach our men to love and value women.

    This broke my heart 🙁 There is something broken in those men 🙁

    And to those of you circulating this nonsense on social media... there is something sick and broken in you as well!!!


  5. Don't know how TRUE it is but someone who claim to know her personally said this is not the first time she have done such video. If this is true its just sad ... Hoping it's just rumors and this was a one time thing and the bastards are caught and charged


  6. Srarted to watch video and couldn't finish was soo much for me...i looked at the pretty young lady consenting to group sex, tied up asking for her hit....i felt hurt as a woman that sort of thing happens in our little St. Lucia....i asked the question of by some miracle this young gets off drugs and sees this video of herself how will she go forward....sad really sad...pleas people stop forwarding this video


  7. Can't really come to full conclusion on rape or willing participant. She looks high and at the same time seem to be sound enough to ask for more drugs, make fun of the guys and even making fun ofthe fact that as soon as she get high all they guys left and pleasuring her own self. The situation is just sad all around. If she was a willing participant it goes to show how some young women have no respect for themselves to allow yourself to be used in such a manner. If it was rape once more it shows how little respect SOME of the young men out there have for women. To think its ok to take advantage of someone in this way record it and laugh the entire time... It's just crazy the thing that goes on these days


    • The female speaking in the video is not the victim. Actually was the one recording


  8. I have nt seen the video but they know eachother maybe trying to make a us blues.


  9. I made a couple comments earlier before closely reviewing this video and i am asking that the police find this woman on time because her life may be in danger. As they say dead man or woman tell no tales. This woman did not know what she was doing, she was drugged and was not a willing participant there for she was raped. I will repeat that to the authorities, this woman was raped. I received this video in the U S A and if the St. Lucian authorities do not take the necessary actions i will release this video to the american authorities . Believe me St Lucia do not need this. I urge you to take action now. Find the culprits because the evidence is in the video.


    • What can the US do about this. This is not their jurisdiction. She is not an American so they can't help the situation.


  10. Aspects of the law differ from country to country. There are places where these guys would feel the full force of the law whether the young lady came forward with a rape allegation or not. The "possibility" is that she may have started using the drugs before the recording started. If she was under the influence of drugs, she lacks the mental capacity to give consent to sexual activity. It would be very disturbing if the police do not lauch an investigation regardless of whether the victim comes forward or not, taking into consideration the content of this video. Evidently it has gone viral because it was sent to me in Europe. They were referring to her as "di ting" These young men have no respect for females. Women are a symbol of life and should be treated with respect. Very disturbing video. We can only rely on the law to make examples of such citizens and if the law fails to do so then we are doomed to fail as an island and as a society at large.


  11. Looked at this video a few times it's disgusting. I watched more than once to see whether she was a willing participant or being raped my opinion she was a willing participant. Our young women of today have no morals, low self-esteem and no self respect. They are willing to do anything to be accepted in society. To prove some sort of adulthood or bad girl or I can be like the porn stars. We as parents, aunts, uncles, brother sister no matter we are lets up lift our young ladies. Teach them self respect, help them build self esteem by encouraging them and giving positive cpmpliments about themselves. Show them love let them know how much we love not just by actions but by words too. I remember growing up and my parents would tell me they love only on birthday cards. Guess they thought by being good providers thats all i needed. Now that am a parent make it my duty to say i love you to my kids every single day. Let them know their self worth and how precious and valuable their bodies are. None of us are perfect but we can try our best to teach our kids. Hope this young lady life have changed if not now that this video is out that she see how disgusting she looks... For the young men you guys have moms sisters and maybe kids would you like anyone to this to them..


  12. This is crazy I think they drugged her before they started because there is a part in the video she spoke about the cocaine. This is not something to laugh about.


  13. This was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. I am so disturbed by that video... You ppl dealing with crack/Cocaine so liberally ... Just recording them selves no protection the place unsanitary ..... And one person suing that's how it is in ghetto life... That was a really harsh reality for me to swallow big wake up call


  14. People All Over Are Laughing At This Video ... They Actually Pushed A Rattle Into Her Vagina And Tried To Push A Piece Of Stick The Woman Who Was Videotaping Seemed To Be Her Friend Cause She Was Conversing With Her -_- Talking Bout "Cum In Di Ting" Sigh ... Its Sad To Say St.Lucia Will Never Get Better 🙁


  15. I think she was heavily drugged even before the recording started, n I guess when it started to get worn off they gave her the pipe? Idk


    • She is a cocaine addict n will do anything with anyone for drugs SMFH She gonna do it again whether they record or not THIS IS NOT RAPE, ITS A CONSEQUENCE OF WHEN YOU WILL TO GO TO THW EXTREME FOR DRUGS


  16. I watched parts of the video cuz i ain't watch no bunch of closet homo's talking about work it yeh work it or whatever they was saying, sick s--, bunch of --perverts, dis chick didn't deserve dat, ---dogs should be hanged by their balls......................


  17. The fact remains is that there was a video , and there were eye witnesses meaning the public and they have legitimate concern . The police must check into this matter and see if there is a case. This woman may have been threatened if she comes forward. The police must act we are a civilized society.


  18. Very disgusting video. Disgraceful and disturbing. It is up to the young lady to go forward and press charges if these acts were carried out without her consent .


  19. You got some valid points "S Shooter" ..HOWEVER. ... just like Domestic violence. ... unless a report is not made .. the police cannot act.... We have had different Ministers of Justice and NONE NONE ... have seen it fit to change certain laws ... They just comment on the situation. ... Our current Minister Still believes he is a Commissioner. .. when he can change legislation/laws ....Where the State can prosecute when an offense is committed. .. therefore the Virtual Complainant if so choose to drop the case ... State can persue the matter ....


  20. The authority can only say the only crime being committed is circulate of the video. What a load of crap. Clearly everyone can see that her judgement is not sounf and she is under the influence of drugs. And these guys know that she is and will give her more. She is tied and it seems like some kind of game to them. At no point is she willing enjoying this. She is numb. For God's sake its rape. Smh the law enforcers we have here. And yes the laws need to revised to better deal with these issues this is not 1986 any more. Its 2017 and the advancements our daily lives is increasing.


    • if yall listen to the video from start to finish you can see she was not raped you can hear from the tone of her voice that she was a participant. the first thing she said was "but that man recording the thing already garcon""somebody have to play a song" and she was laughing and saying that she hope that it is being recorded, she is even telling the guys to tye her up and hurry up tye her properly. do you think if she was being raped that she would say these things so calmly. i mean who sings whilst being raped?


      • Does it really matter what she said in the beginning. As much as she consented to being recorded, tied up or to have an orgy, what chick on a right mind will allow persons to push a bottle, push a stick in her vagina or get a dog for that matter. That is just sick and i believe she was drugged. then it rape.


        • lol there's literally a porn category on that type of stuff. Now I'm not saying there's no way she wasn't possibly drugged , but look at the evidence instead of trying to avoid it.


      • Yes.she's been under the influence of drugs so obviously she's numb she won't feel a thing.when someone is under the influence of drugs they don't feel and hear can't y'all see she's stoned.when they see they can't do much with her they leave alone.that's wickedness no matter the circumstances.those guys have to be charge and punish.


  21. Sigh... I heard about the video and really didn't want to see it after hearing the manner in which it was described. Whether this was rape, a drug induced orgy, or a drug addicted woman who doesn't care about her life (or life; it was said that there was no protection on one of the men); this is such a sad, sad situation.


  22. If some one begins an act and later during the act she changes her mind and ask to stop , and the participants ignore her plea to stop, and continue with the act then this becomes rape. If she is given a substance that would impact her judgement then this also becomes rape. It can begin as a porn video and turn into a case of rape with excessive force or will power.===BEWARE=== THOSE GUYS CAN BEGIN TO SCRAMBLE FOR THE HILLS BECAUSE THERE WILL BE A RAPE CHARGE.


    • so if she asked for the drugs when she said she want her hit, does that still mean it is rape?


      • ok lets consider she used drugs.....was she force to consume it? did she take it willing ?
        this I think is the only legitimate question to ask. the video answers all other questions.
        lets suppose she took it willing are the guys still responsible for her choice ?


    • Yall just SEXIST...yall for all excuses for the woman...both parties jus plain SALOP!....END OF STORY...NO RAPE...NO DRUGGED OUT NONE OF DAT CRAP FULL CONSENT FROM BOTH PARTIES


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