Viral video: Chinese woman calmly walks home after giving birth in the street

By Ishani Roy, International Business Times

(INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES) – A video, which has gone viral on Chinese social media, shows a woman giving birth on the street when her water suddenly broke.

The woman was out shopping in Yunfu, Guangdong province of China, on Saturday, according to reports. After the delivery, she can be calmly seen picking up her groceries and the baby.

When her water apparently broke, she kept standing on the street to deliver the baby. She can be seen bending forward in pain in the middle of the street. She delivers the newborn who cries out loudly and anxious people around then call for help. The infant cannot be seen clearly in the video, uploaded by Tunisian and Arab channel Universal Info, that has been blurred apparently due to the graphic content.

Before any medical help or ambulance arrives, onlookers help the new mother with her child, providing her with a chair and a cardboard sheet as her dress was blood-soaked. Shoppers call for an ambulance and nurses, who arrive at the scene shortly after, cut the umbilical cord and provide care for the newborn.

It was not clear whether the woman was anticipating the situation, but from the video, it appeared she did not know how to handle the situation.

However, there were no birth complications and soon after giving birth on the street, she is seen returning home with a bag of groceries on one hand and her baby in the other.

There have been several instances when women have been compelled to deliver babies in a street. While some of them were victims of unfortunate circumstances and were forced to welcome their newborn child on a street, others could not reach the hospital on time.

On Aug. 26, a 17-year old girl in India, who was abandoned by her boyfriend and parents, gave birth to a baby after being denied by a hospital in the eastern state of Jharkhand. The hospital staff refused to admit her as she was not accompanied by a guardian. Local residents also argued with hospital staff as the new mother was filmed sharing first moments with her infant while sitting on the road, covered in blood. People around also cordoned off the area so that the girl was not hit by any vehicle, reports said.

In May, a South African woman, who was eight months pregnant, gave birth on the street after she was returned by a nurse at the local clinic despite telling her that she was having severe pains. The nurse gave some pills and told the pregnant woman to return only if the pain persisted. As the pregnant woman left the clinic, the pain grew and she eventually gave birth to her baby on a street assisted by passing strangers, according to the South African Health News Service.

In February 2014, a woman went into labor and delivered a baby on the streets of Manhattan, New York City, while her doorman tried to hail a cab.

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  1. There's the perfect case to get rid of maternity leave.

  2. Well that is truly unfortunate, I guess when the little ones want to come, they just want to. No matter how much planning is involved. At the same time it shows women have alot of endurance and strength. Our black ancestors in the cane fields of the West Indies and cotton fields of the USA were delivering babies after hours standing in the fields and were whipped to continue planting and picking right after delivery, so at the same time no biggie here.

  3. OOMAN!


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