Violent threat against Senator Tobierre

Violent threat against Senator Tobierre
Debra Tobierre
Debra Tobierre

Government senator and prominent Vieux Fort businesswoman Debra Tobierre has taken issue with a statement on Facebook by UnitedPac that Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has endorsed her to contest the 2016 General Elections in Vieux Fort South.

Tobierre also plans to lodge a formal police report and seek legal advice regarding a violent threat against her in response to the UnitedPac statement.

In the August 23 post, the UnitedPac – a politically-motivated group – asked: “Who will be the next aspiring district representative for Vieux Fort South?”

UnitedPac then went on to state: “In a secret meeting in Vieux Fort last night Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has basically endorsed Deborah Tobierre to contest the 2016 General Elections in Vieux Fort South! Will Deborah Tobierre represent Vieux Fortians or will she be continuing on the same path as Kenny Anthony and simply continue the destruction of Vieux Fort South! Vieux Fort South people stand and be counted say NO to Deborah Tobierre she is a continuation of Kenny D Anthony!”

In one of the responses to the post, a man commented: “There’s something called a hollowpoint, desperate times require desperate measures.” The man, identified as a government employee on his profile, removed the comment close to midday today.

“Hollowpoint” refers to a hollow-point bullet – a bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape in its tip often intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target in order to decrease penetration and disrupt more tissue as it travels through the target.

In an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today, August 25, Senator Tobierre said the UnitedPac statement is “absolutely not true” and believes the man’s comment was a “direct response” to the article distributed by UnitedPac.

“I will, as a matter of formality, report this to the police. This type of behaviour is not acceptable and should not be taken lightly, irrespective of who you are,” she said, adding that the man who made the threat “looks familiar but I do not know him personally”.

On the issue of replacing Dr. Anthony, Tobierre said: “There is rampant speculation but Dr. Anthony has never discussed anything like that with me and to the contrary, has publicly discouraged the thinking.”

Asked what may have triggered such rumours, Tobierre said: “I guess because he appointed me as a government senator, I am a prominent business person in Vieux-Fort and people know that we have great, mutual respect for each other. A lot of the rumour seems to be originating from the Labour camp and every time someone approaches me, I denounce their claims. I have been told things like, “I got it from good grounds.” And I respond, “Well, now you are getting it from the horse’s mouth.” But, regardless of the belief or even if there was truth to it that should not expose me to open threats of violence.”

The businesswoman believes the situation is getting out of hand.

“I feel that it demonstrates the extent that people are willing to go to in support of their political party. We are looking for good representation and yet, will incite violence and threaten others who have opposing views. This attitude which is so prevalent in our small society, only serves to discourage individuals who want to contribute to the development of our country. I will be consulting my attorney for advice. Although, I am not sure what legislation exists here to deal with such, since Facebook threats is a relatively new phenomena.”

She is appealing to “all forms of media, journalism and those actually engaged in spreading propaganda to raise the level of discourse, keeping in mind the responsibility we have to be objective in our views”.

“It might be difficult to demand that people be more responsible but if we consider what is really affecting our country, our attitudes and mindsets largely will determine our future. We should consider the sense of entitlement and cultural dependency that has long been prevalent, and the negative impact on our ability to prosper as a result. Also, the message that we are sending out to the youth of this country, and the negative impact on their minds.

“The more we allow such to go unchecked, the more that we encourage deviant behaviour. We already have unenviable rates of murder, useless assaults and other types of crime. We resort to violence, rather than find better ways to deal with conflict resolution.”

Tobierre, who was officially sworn in on January 2012, as a senator, may not take up another political appointment.

“I am deeply honoured that Dr. Anthony had such confidence in me, but due to my current business responsibilities and the political climate, I may be reluctant to accept such an appointment in the future,” she said.

UnitedPac (United Political Action Committee Group), according to its Facebook fan page, is a “conservative-minded grouping of young persons” formed soon after the November 2011 General Elections.

UnitedPac describes itself as a proud autonomous entity and it aims to “harness the creative skills of its members in serving as a watch dog and advocacy body in promoting and safeguarding the best interest of the youth and exemplifying the standards of good governance”.

The group currently manages two Facebook pages, a Twitter account and other social media avenues.

The main opposition United Workers Party has publicly denied involvement in the group.


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  2. A smart double entendre when used to entertain is ok,
    but when used as political antagonism is veiled terrorism.

    The one who used it thought his degenerate thoughts were masked but real stealth is far more sophisticated and I seriously doubt it can be manufactured in the third world.

    So we scare off the the Peaches and cream to roll in our wormy to the core apples.


  3. A threat is anything said or implied that out you (the individual) in a state of fear. what is threatening to one might not be to the other simply put.


  4. The youth, who are definitely not as senile as all those gray and dotish greying hairs at the top of the SLP hierarchy, will have known by now who set upon them his rottweiler.

    That is all because they asked for good governance.


  5. To people who have called others all kinds names into persuading them to be thinking their opinion of what hollowpoint or hollow point is. The fact there would can be several interpretations of the wod itself or even the context, it cannot hold water in a court of law. This is what this exercise has brought about.

    The only true meaning is with the person who posted it. Are you going to make his mind up for him? Thats absurd. Plus a threat has to be taken in light of capabilities. What if he had mentioned "bomb" then it would have attacted less publicity.


    • n then we lucian will still voe for her smfh chpz u not even in power as yet but u already showing st.lucians ur true colors


  6. Wow, many of you have no understanding of the english language at all- just google hollow point. If he hadn't followed up the comment with desperate times call for desperate measures maybe you would have an argument. But come on people... The hollow point is the desperate measure; killing someone is the desperate measure like duh. That's why this country is stuck. All we do is try to make sense out of nonsense; we wouldn't know logic if it hit us in the face. Choops.


  7. Look, we are trying to be technical and sly with our interpretations but we all know what the Facebook statement meant. Hollow point . . . desperate measures? We know what is/was meant. Don't try to deny it!

    If it wasn't what it was meant to be, why was the statement removed? Again, the Mad Cow states that most who try to see this as not a threat are those from the United PAC(K) and the UWP. Don't even try to deny it . . . you know that is true!


  8. I had to read thoroughly because I thought there was something I just wasn't picking up. “There’s something called a hollowpoint, desperate times require desperate measures.” Why on earth would Ms Tobere think this is a death threat leveled at her. it may have well been directed at the Unitedpac or it may not have even been used in the context that she is referring to. I am very much disappointed that a well educated individual like yourself would not see the need to rise above this. i mean if a threat is made directly at you, have every right to persue the matter. but this,,,smh....Clearly the definition for "threat" has upgraded. I would love to see how this "threat" case plays out in the court.


  9. PLEASE!!!!!hollow point could mean empty vessel makes the most noise fail to see the threat stop looking for attention...


    • that's exaxtly what i was thinking of but u kno that bright ass lady want to make her present be felt chpz u want to take ppl tp court for freedom of speech


  10. Don't know why all you talking crap there didn't do law or be a politician. Bunch of lazy asses who reuse to do anything but complain everyday. Time to respect people's opinion and politicizing everything in this country or blaming government. The power is in your hands to vote in and vote out any political party who does not perform. Stop making a fool out yourselves. the world is watching you, your kids are as well, guess you don't give a shit abut that. You are the ones shaping the future of your kids...get work to do and stop playing the blame game. Go plant some banana trees in your backyard, there s a demand for it...


  11. Whilst you out there wasting time seeking legal advice for this nonsense, there are many hungry children in vieux fort begging for money, an even higher level of illiteracy, higher unemployment and lack of opportunities for school leavers.... We need to hear solutions.... enough of the court cases over freedom of speech.. and get to work ( this is not going to help your future career if there is one in politics)


  12. My lady just do not take them on .They like roro so do not feed them.You are a Lucian with the right to run for any political sit.What is wrong with that!!


  13. This is a cloyingly and saccharinely sweet piece of shoot shate. Where and what is the evidentiary personal threat again?


  14. what is wrong with you all St. Lucians. You all wanted change. You all voted uwp out and voted slp in. Now a candidate is getting ready for election you all are threatening her. MY GOD she is not Kenny. Jackasses don't you all know people are different. Every man is unique and are blessed with different gifts and talents.


  15. I'm close to debra tobierre she doesn't feel the need to press charges law enforcement wants her too so before you speak know the facts ppl


  16. I honestly believe that her motivation is purely political. This woman concentrates her efforts on "UnitedPac." Come on you cannot be serious. I agree... when you mingle with people you begin to sound like them. Another Kenny in the making... Tit for Tat!