Violent crime threatening to kill Caribbean paradise

Violent crime threatening to kill Caribbean paradise

THE recent murders of three medical doctors and a high profile racing figure in Jamaica serve as a fresh reminder that the countries of the Caribbean are seriously threatened by a tsunami of violent crime.

In the case of Jamaica, we await police determination of the motives for these recent murders. But generally, the roots of this wave of violent crime in the region are not economic deprivation because, with the exception of Haiti and Guyana, per capita incomes are very high in countries such as The Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago.

Transnational crime spawned by international narcotics trafficking is a major contributing factor in producing countries such as Jamaica and Belize and in trans-shipping countries such as St Vincent.

It is worthy of note that this past weekend, five people were murdered in St Lucia and a similar number in St Vincent. While this is not unusual in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, this number of murders is not just alarming but could lead to the end of the existence of civilised society as we know it in these very small nations.

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