Vigil being held in response to increased cases of sexual violence

Vigil being held in response to increased cases of sexual violence

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An ecumenical prayer vigil will be hosted this evening at the Mon Repos RC Church in response to increase in cases of sexual violence, but more particularly in relation to the most recent case of sexual assault in that community.

Parliamentary Representative for Micoud North Dr. Gale Rigobert is therefore urging persons from Mon Repos, neighbouring communities and the entire St. Lucia, to attend the vigil which starts at 7:30 p.m.

“While we pursue secular responses, we need not forget that in effect it is God that has control over all things. So I am asking everyone that has been outraged by this spate of crime, sexual offenses in particular, to come out,” Dr. Rigobert remarked.

Persons are asked to walk with candles for tonight’s prayer vigil.

A 97-year-old woman was reportedly raped at her home in Mon Repos. The elderly woman, who lives alone, was reportedly treated at hospital and discharged.

A reliable police source said the woman’s house was burglarised and several items are missing.

Dr. Rigobert said that this latest incident underscores the need for a national response to the spike in sexual offenses.

The opposition leader has also called for a bi-partisan approach towards responding to sexual offences, child abuse and domestic violence.


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  1. what do you expect when many of our leaders are involved with the kingdom of darkness, the country is under the control of that kingdom hence the atrocities taking place in fair Helen.


    • Mon Repos has had a upsurge of criminal activities of late. This one is another one that raise nation awareness. This criminal activates stems from a series or burglary to holding up business owner at gun point twice among others. To date no one has been convicted or even spent 72 hours . What are we citizens expected to do? What message are we sending for the criminals? Is Mon Repos a a free for all community? What is the crime solving rate for the Micoud police station?


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